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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is official


Pretty big news from MMORPG kings Blizzard today, they’ve announced the third expansion to the ludicrously popular World of Warcraft. It’s to be named Cataclysm and will feature two new playable races (the cursed worgen for the Alliance, and goblins for the Horde), increased level cap (to lvl85) and classic zones will be totally remade. More information and full press release, after the jump.

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World of Warcraft gets in-game Twitter


Grinding on Orcish shores? Tweet about it. Stalking low-level noobs? Tweet about it. Dancing outside Stormwind with no clothes on, a bevy of beautiful night elf priestesses fondling your lvl 80 gear? You should certainly be tweeting about that – and now you can. World of Warcraft has finally received its very own in-game Twitter client, TweetCraft. It lets you send and receive tweets, send screenshots and auto-tweet when you login, enter an instance or get an achievement. More info, here.

[via Kotaku]

Peggle gets World of Warcraft treatment


Now a game within a game, Peggle is available for World of Warcraft. Players can stave away in-game boredom with a spot of head-to-head peg-smashing, or single player sessions during the long commute to Stormwind City. A slew of special features and quirky WOW-only highlights (like talent points) will make an appearance, and it’s totally free to download and play.

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WOW support makes gadgets even cooler


As if a dualscreen touch laptop from Intel and Asus wasn’t enough, the boys from Destructoid have imagined playing World of Warcraft on its fully customizable screens. Noting that a dual touchscreen laptop is just a Nintendo DS, but bigger, they’ve put together a useful list of features. Things like panoramic views by removing the onscreen keyboard, and increased macro support with user created widgets. Sounds good to us. If you’re gaming on a PC, how many buttons do you really need, anyway?

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]

PETA fights baby seal clubbing in Warcraft


The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) would like Canadians to stop killing adorable baby seals. Why it’s invading an MMORPG to spread this message is unclear. This saturday on the Whisperwind server, US activists are being urged to bring their lvl 70s to the Howling Fjord zone to battle any players killing and skinning their furry friends. It seems no one told them that computerised baby seals in World of Warcraft respawn every few minutes, and so can’t really be killed. A bit like Stuff’s favourite robot seal, then.

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Blizzard does April Fool’s Day in Warcraft


Anyone who’s played a Blizzard title must appreciate the developer’s sometimes zany humour, so it’s no surprise the games giant went a bit crazy over April Fool’s Day. Running four jokes (more outright funny than pranks) Blizzard poked fun at each of its big franchises. World of Warcraft, got the ‘Pimp My Mount’ treatment, as well as in-game PVP dance battles. Diablo got a whole new character class, the Archivist who’s utterly useless and spouts claims like, ‘In my day, there were no colors,’ and, ‘Have you seen my pants?’ And Starcraft got the Terratron, an uber-unit that transforms from Terran buildings transformer style. Great stuff.

[via Kotaku]

PC rules the gaming roost (again)


We already knew the PC was best for multiplayer gaming, but it’s also the most lucrative in sales. A report comissioned by the PC Gaming Alliance (alright, that report could be slightly biased) claims PC gaming made over US$11 billion in 2008, more than any handheld or home console. How much of that is credited to the mass of WoW players? According to the report, Acti-Blizzard’s MMO generated over US$1 billion last year. Gold farmers must be doing well for themselves, then.

[via Edge]