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HTC Touch Diamond2 gets free data package


HTC dropped us a line this morning, and gave us another reason to salivate over its gorgeous WinMo handset. It got Etisalat involved in the smartphone summer bonanza, and any TD2 that’s snapped up before September 30th comes with a free 1GB data package. Still wondering if it’s worth it? We’ve put the stellar smartphone through it’s paces this month in Stuff, grab a copy for the full review.

i-mate mega-cheap handsets will go fast


In what seems to be a good way of ditching stock, Sharaf DG has dropped prices on i-mate 8150 and 6150 handsets. The mobile prices have been cut down by 80 per cent, and can be yours for around US$200. Yes, these models are almost two years old and run Windows Mobile 6.0, but getting an upgrade to 6.1 isn’t very hard. Good for those of you still hesitant about getting a smartphone, and great if you just need a replacement WinMo phone.

Poll: best phone operating system


Fingers on buzzers, folks – it’s time to speak up about mobile phone operating systems. With this morning’s iPhone 3.0 OS announcement, the forthcoming release of Android handsets in the Middle East, WinMo’s slick new 6.5 incarnation in the offing and the global launch of the Palm Pre just months away, which mobile OS is getting your juices flowing. Vote here.

[Poll originally hosted at Gizmodo]

WinMo 6.5 takes on Palm webOS and Android


Yesterday, Microsoft launched Windows Mobile 6.5 for smartphones. Bad news for the hundreds of WinMo 6.1 handsets we’ve seen, and worse news if you were already unsure whether to jump ship to webOS or Android. We got some screens sticky yesterday to bring you the verdict:

WinMo 6.5: This is great news if you feel you must stay with Microsoft’s mobile platform. Finally, you don’t need a manufacturer-created GUI skin to feel like you’ve got a modern smartphone. The HTC Touch Diamond 2 (and our clumsy fingers) might be slightly at fault for some sluggish response times and erroneous input, but closing apps still requires a fingernail stroke to a tiny button in the corner. It’s a huge improvement, but unlikely to convert those who didn’t get on with WinMo 6.1.

Android: Within two minutes of picking up the T-Mobile G1, we’d crashed the phone and destroyed part of HTC’s booth. A reboot and several apologies later, we were rolling with Google’s mobile OS and loving it. It’s slick, intuitive, extrememly communicative and crying out for better hardware. The touchscreen gestures are a little kooky, and some of the moves would take a bit of getting used to, but it works. A must for open-source fans.

Palm webOS: Palm’s new OS (and device) came to this comparison with its dukes up. And battered the competition to the floor. The interface is beautiful, the gestures are natural, there is little perceivable lag and it works. It’s eminently customisable without losing its identity (Android, you listening?) and the Palm Pre doesn’t feel like a newbie in Old Town. Palm still has to make some announcements about data plans and the PC software end of the bargain (but a little bird mentioned cloud storage to us – phew!). Winner. For now.