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Fortis Mars 500 is for Cosmonauts

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Don’t be fooled by the name, the Mars 500 watch has gone places far more exotic than the surface of the bright red planet. It has been all the way to Moscow, and the Russian Space Labs simulator. Right now, six very bored Russian Cosmonauts are buried in the ground and will remain there for 520 days (round about the same time it would take to get to Mars). And they will be counting the long, drawn-out seconds to freedom on these brand spankin’ new watches. No word of pricing just yet, but they are exclusive (read: expensive) and only 2012 watches are being produced. Let’s hope none of them run fast.

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Gefica ‘exclusive’ watches look the same


Luxury watchmakers Gefica released two new collections this month, but something isn’t quite right. The Kilimanjaro range (above) takes inspiration from the mountain itself, and the 100 being made will, ‘evoke the glaciers and snow patches scattered across the sides of the ‘roof of Africa”. ┬áThe Gefica Blue (below) is designed after the ‘distinctive expressive features of Afro-American music’ with only 50 being made. Spot any real differences? No, neither did we…


Diesel DZ9044 faceless watch


Choosing to ignore centuries of tradition and common sense, Diesel’s DZ9044 has no obvious face. Instead, four mini clocks are embedded into its side, so you’ll have to stick your arm straight out, or twist it around to tell time. Form meets function? Bah, it’s fashion over function these days…


Bell & Ross Heritage goes back to basics


Known for its massive square-faced watches, Bell & Ross is looking to its roots with the aptly named Heritage range. Based on aircraft instrument dials of the 1940s, the simple black and sand design comes with either a printed leather strap or heavy duty fabric. The watch uses an automatic ETA 2892 movement, and should be available around the US$4,000 mark.

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Concord C1 QuantumGravity watch


This QuantumGravity tourbillion watch claims to ignore Sir Isaac Newton’s apple-induced law, gravity. But the fact is, any tourbillion counteracts the forces of gravity, and the tech has been around for centuries. Tourbillon watches can tell the time so accurately because the balance wheel and escapements are placed in a rotating cage. When the wrist is moved, the force causes the cage to spin but the inner workings remain unaffected. Still, we’re not sure why this watch needs green phosphorescent nanoparticles (apparently used to indicate power levels). Only 10 of these will be produced, so you can count on them being expensive.

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Time bounces with Nixon’s Rubber Player


If you thought flashy coloured watches were for ages 12 and under, you were wrong. Now you can find a rubberised version of one of Nixon’s longest running designs, the Player. The popular style has been dressed up in blue rubber, with a new colour being released each month until June. It may be bouncy, but it still has quartz movement, a stainless steel skeleton and is 100m water resistant. It’ll be available for a slightly expensive US$170, but expect it to become a style classic in a matter of rubberised seconds.

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