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Lenovo U350 confirms thin is definitely in


In the last two days, we’ve seen HP and Acer announce all new ultra-thin low-cost laptops. And not to be left out of the slimming competition, Lenovo has just come out with its U350. The 13.3in laptop will sit firmly between the US$700 to US$800 price range, but is less than an inch thick. It comes with Windows Vista, can cram up to 8GB of RAM into its skinny shell and will be available with an SSD option too. So who do you think will be next to oust an ultra-slim? LG? Samsung? BenQ?

Acer hot on HPs heels with Aspire Timeline


Not to be outdone by HPs latest super-slim offering, Acer has released its Timeline series. These 13.3in. 14in, and 15.6in laptops are less than an inch thick, but still pack some pretty decent tech. They squeeze out 8 hours of battery life, thanks to LED backlit screens and ultra-low voltage processors, with support for a 64GB SSD drive too. And they sit around the US$700 mark, which sounds pretty good to us.

Mio Navman thin in-car GPS


Bringing some excitement to the rather drab world of in-car GPS, the Mio Navman is an ultra-sleek navigator. It matches a gorgeous 4.7in screen and wafer-thin 14.5mm case with TruMap 3D software programmed for smart economical routing. It also packs an FM transmitter, MP3 and video player, text to speech system and a lifetime subscription to breaking traffic info. It’ll be available to sex up your dash, for around US$300.

[via Gayakuman]

Warwick Audio’s Flat Flexible Loudspeaker


Warwick Audio Technologies has developed this, a Flat Flexible Loudspeaker (FFL) that’s super-thin and provides clear crisp sound. April Fool’s day prank? The BBC doesn’t think so. And the website certainly looks like the real deal (although the slogan is: ‘Sound, as you’ve never seen it’). Suspiciously disguised as tin-foil, these speakers are meant for comercial use, hoping to replace public address systems in passenger terminals and shopping centres. They’re also rather flexible, apparantly able to wrap around a lampshade (if you want a talking lampshade) and can be concealed within ceiling tiles or behind pictures. It technology behind it looks legit and the concept is sound. Hopefully we’ll start seeing ultra-small gadgets with massive sub-woofer audio impact, or entire walls that blast out surround sound. If it’s real, that is…

[via BBC News]

Dell Adamo is ‘thinnest laptop ever’


After getting a glimpse at CES, Dell’s much-teased Adamo was released last night. Supposedly the thinnest laptop ever, it has a depth of 0f 1.65cm, compared to the MacBook Air’s sleek 1.9cm frame (at its thickest point). It’s pricey – expect it around the US$2,000 mark – but has solid specs to back up the expense. It packs a 13.4in screen, 2 USB ports (with a built-in mobile broadband option also available), up to five hours of battery life and will come in onyx or pearl colouring (that’s black and silver to those who left their colour palettes at home). At a time when most manufacturers are embracing the cheap netbook option, it will be interesting to see whether this high-end PC sinks or swims. Only time, and your wallets, will tell.

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