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Watch this space…

Hey everyone, we realize the blog has been a bit on the, err… quiet side of late. But that’s because we’re working on something top secret. Bear with us, it won’t take much longer. Make sure you come back to this website (did we say site?) at the beginning of next month. We know you’re going to love it.


The Gremlins haunting our blog are now dead


Last month Stuff Towers was accosted by a gaggle of comically-annoying Gremlins. They wasted no time in crippling the blog, and our ability to post stories for you lovely readers. But have no fear, we have dealt with the perverted pests (with the old Gremlins 2 favourite: water and electricity) and have melted the buggers into piles of green gloop. So give us a second to mop and shampoo the carpets (melted Gremlin stains) and we can resume blogging.

Stuff magazine gets inside Sims 3


The Stuff boys in the UK might have too much time on their hands. They’ve been playing The Sims 3 for so long, that the developers at EA have custom-made the ultimate Stuff virtual pad. There’s a massive TV, games console, hi-fi and a framed Stuff cover on the wall. Cool beans.

[via Stuff.tv]

Pleo robot to become extinct?

Engadget is stirring the rumour pot about Stuff’s favourite robot dinosaur – Pleo. Apparently his maker, Ugobe, could be in pretty serious trouble, spelling the end of the little green monster’s production days. The robosaurus has been a good friend to us, appearing on our radio show and in the magazine (he’s number four in our More Stuff Top 10 list). We hope the gadget site is wrong. Sadly, that’s looking increasingly unlikely. If it’s true, we’ll miss our Jurassic robot chum. Another casualty of the credit crunch. *sniff*

Stuff quoted (again) in The National


Stuff is known in some quarters for its wisdom, but not many. Luckily, after our first comment in The National – in which we decried the car age legislation later dropped by the UAE government – the paper came back for more, this time about winners in the recession:

Paddy Smith, editor of Stuff magazine, thinks the big technology winners of the recession could be companies that develop “cloud computing” software, or programs that are hosted and used exclusively online.

“As industries look to cut costs, these guys will enable them to continually upgrade their software without having to buy expensive new hardware,” he said. “It also keeps IT department costs to a minimum, as the software tends to be serviced remotely by the supplier. The downturn could be exactly what this technology needs to bump it into the industry mainstream.”

Read the full article here.

February issue of Stuff out now


In this month’s magazine, we report from the sidelines in the battle of the smartphones, testing the current pick of the crop ahead of this year’s Mobile World Congress. Also tested are pico projectors, iPod docks, netboooks and Panasonic’s G1 Micro Four-Thirds camera. Plus we round up the world’s deadliest robots, warm to wooden design tech and the future of broadband – light-based networking. Plus, we’ve got all the latest products from CES and beyond and we’re giving away speakers, a photo frame and Sonic Unleashed for PS3. Game fans can check out our exclusive Halo Wars review, then win an Xbox 360 Elite. Don’t worry if you miss out this month – we’re giving away a console a month for the next year. Check out the details in the magazine – Dhs10 from all good newsagents.