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Sony gets stylish streaming hi-fi


Sony’s released two sexy new iPod docks, and they do a lot more than provide comfortable seating for your portable media. The NAS-Z200iR (terrible name) fits an iPod or iPhone, with USB and audio input for other players, but will also access your PCs music library and stream files direct. It comes with a suspiciously iPod-like controller. The CMT-Z100iR (another terrible name) is a bit less smart, packing the same features, without the Wi-Fi streaming. Both will be available mid-September.

[via Akihabara News]

Expressionist Plus speakers make bass sexy


Remember those Expressionist Bass speakers from Altec Lansing we gave away last February? No? To jog your memory, they looked like a cross between a dalek and a Saturn rocket. Well today Altec released its newest in the range, the Expressionist Plus. Unfortunately, its abandoned the sci-fi design theme, and gone with a more traditional 2.1 setup. Still, they’re sleek, sexy and have a proper subwoofer this time around. Yours for US$100.

[via Gizmodo]

Kenwood glass speakers look fantastic


We’re not hugely impressed with the tech behind these speakers, they only have a measly 2 channel 10-watt output, but that’s not really the point. Designed for what appears to be the Tate Modern’s movie room, this stylish pair are set in glass with a white or blue LED stand. They’re expensive, but can you really put a price on modern art. Yes, apparently they’re available for just under US$1,000.

[via Akihabara News]

AUX Classic Speaker System


If you thought your swanky Bose sound dock was fancy, get a load of this. Designed by the Italian concert sound experts at Outline, the system has a transforming case that lets you position the individual speakers in a variety of ways. The speakers run off a 400-watt amp and solid wood bass reflex design which – in English – means they sound great. But that performance is pricey, standard units cost upwards of US$1,300 and a leather option is up for grabs for US$3,000.

[via Uncrate]

mobiBLU aliens invade your MP3


Not a week goes by that the World isn’t threatened by disaster. This time, it’s little green me, flocking to Earth in tiny flying saucers and looking to take control of our precious ears. But is that such a bad thing? The mobiBLU UFO fits a built-in speaker and Bluetooth, capable of blasting mind-melding tunes for six hours. Like real alien cruisers, its underside lights up when in use and it vibrates. But of course…

The UFO comes in red or black flavours, holding up to 8GB of space-aged songs.

[via Gizmodo]