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Xbox 360 Elite price drop

ELITE Console

Microsoft’s not about to let Sony have all the price-dropping fun, and its brought the Xbox 360 Elite down to US$315. That puts the 120GB console within spitting distance of Sony’s newest PlayStation, the Slim (at US$355). Both have similar spec, but the Slim’s diminished size and Blu-ray player are mighty tempting. What do you think?

Slimmer and lighter PlayStation 3 announced


Sony not only let the cat out of the bag with this one, but pulled out its tabby and held it high for the world to see. Yes, the long rumoured PS3 slim is slighter on the outside, but packs a larger 120GB hard drive on the inside. Its diminished size reduces power consumption, and even the price is smaller, at US$355. We’re getting a better look at the console soon, so be sure to grab a copy of next month’s magazine for more info.

Barnes and Noble eReader incoming


Just a week after the Sony and Borders became eBook buddies, Barnes and Noble have just jumped aboard the eReader bandwagon. The bookstore confirmed its push into eBooks, announcing a partnership with Plastic Logic to develop an eReader for early 2010. The online bookstore will be 700,000 books strong, and it will even sell eBooks for other mobile devices, including iPhones and BlackBerrys as well as PCs and Macs. But the big question now – which eReader is going to hit the region first? Any guesses?

[via Gizmodo]

Sony Handycam has 240GB hard drive

Sony HDR-XR520-Low Res

The latest Sony Handycam packs a rather exciting surprise behind its bland black exterior. The HDR-XR520 has a 240GB internal hard drive, capable of recording up to 101 hours of HD video (1080i). It takes 12MP stills, and will even capture 8MP images while recording video. It has a decent CMOS sensors and optical shake-reduction, and is available right now for US$1,280.

Sony gets stylish streaming hi-fi


Sony’s released two sexy new iPod docks, and they do a lot more than provide comfortable seating for your portable media. The NAS-Z200iR (terrible name) fits an iPod or iPhone, with USB and audio input for other players, but will also access your PCs music library and stream files direct. It comes with a suspiciously iPod-like controller. The CMT-Z100iR (another terrible name) is a bit less smart, packing the same features, without the Wi-Fi streaming. Both will be available mid-September.

[via Akihabara News]

Sony Vaio P Signature missed the point

Sony Vaio p signature

We all know Sony’s marketing spiel, the ‘Vaio P isn’t a netbook’. Even though it comes in a small box, runs an Intel Atom processor and fits a tiny screen (and even smaller keyboard), it can run Windows Vista and ships with a huge price tag. But Sony have taken that effort to the next level with the Vaio P Signature range. What makes it so very signature? A small spec bump and a 256GB solid state drive for a cool US$2,000. Does that sound worth it to you?

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Sony NWZ-W202 is a little late


Why Sony didn’t release these W202s last Valentine’s day is beyond us. Besides the obvious romantic stylings, its also got 2GB of memory to pre-load lovey-dovey tunes on. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s totally wireless so won’t get tangled up in bed (when she’s jumping up and down for joy, of course).