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Halo Wars tops a million sales


Halo Wars, the game Stuff broke an exclusive review of at the beginning of February, has pipped the one million mark in its sales figures. That, according to Microsoft, makes it the ‘best-selling real-time strategy title’. Read past the headline, however, and the company comes clean with the addition: ‘on any current generation console’. No beef with that: what competition does it have in console land? But it got us thinking… what RTS games have outsold it on previous consoles? Any ideas?

Halo Wars midnight launch


You read the glowing review in this month’s issue of Stuff, which prompted you to download the demo on Xbox Live and now finally you can line up outside the Virgin Megastore at the Mall of the Emirates with scores of other UNSC faithful for the midnight launch of the hotly-anticipated Halo RTS spin-off on Friday 27th Feb (that’s just after the clock strikes midnight on Thursday, kids).

Head over to MEGamers to register for free Halo goodies with your purchase as well as the chance to win an Xbox 360. Although we hope that you already own one if you’re going to be lining up at all hours of the night to buy this 360-only title.