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Mashamaro the robot rabbit MP3 player


You don’t find many robot rabbit and marshmallow crosses outside of Japan, and it’s a shame really. Mashamaro is a tiny 19g MP3 player with 2GB of storage and light-up ears that act as a five-way controller. The audio jack appropriately slots into Mashamaro’s bum, and a USB slot can provide up to nine hours of battery life. Available from Sorikom, now.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]

Sci-fi words terms that became science fact


Nine words you might think came from science but which are really from science fiction. Find the list over at OUP.

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Japan wants robots on the moon


That’s according to Japan’s Strategic Headquarters for Space Development. It hopes to have a bipedal humanoid robot on the moon’s surface by 2020 as a part of a bigger Deathstar space plan. The mission will be robot-only at first, but follow up launches will be manned (with robot helpers, of course). I’m sure we don’t need to explain the seriousness of putting ruthless robot overlords in a position where they might build an enormous laser and fry us all, but we will anyway. It’s very serious. Unless it’s just going to be Keepon, our favourite dancing robot, on board for some Fly me to the moon action.

[via Gizmodo]

Pleo robot to become extinct?

Engadget is stirring the rumour pot about Stuff’s favourite robot dinosaur – Pleo. Apparently his maker, Ugobe, could be in pretty serious trouble, spelling the end of the little green monster’s production days. The robosaurus has been a good friend to us, appearing on our radio show and in the magazine (he’s number four in our More Stuff Top 10 list). We hope the gadget site is wrong. Sadly, that’s looking increasingly unlikely. If it’s true, we’ll miss our Jurassic robot chum. Another casualty of the credit crunch. *sniff*