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HTC Snap available in the UAE

HTC Snap

Remember the HTC Snap? It’s a WinMo 6.1 mobile packing a full QWERTY keypad and track ball navigation. It’s hardly the most innovative of mobiles, but it does pack handy 3G where others do not.┬áIt’s available now for US$435 – great news for you wallet-watching BlackBerry fans.

HTC Touch Pro2 available next week

Touch Pro2- front

We’ve just gotten word that HTC’s Touch Pro2 will land on our sunny shores early next week. Built for business, it matches Windows Mobile 6.1 smarts with sleek stylings and great TouchFLO tech. It has a 3.6in touchscreen, slide out QWERTY, 3.2MP camera with auto focus and Straight Talk technology (turns the handset into a boardroom optimised speakerphone). It will be priced around the US$900 mark.

Combimouse is a crazy QWERTY keyboard


This mouse/keyboard combo is either a fantastic technical achievement, or about as useful as a cheese sandwich to a drowning dwarf (we haven’t decided yet). But it’s still worth checking out. The Combimouse is pretty much a standard QWERTY split in two, with the right half acting as the mouse. When the user grips the mouse bit, the clever keyboard moves the pointer. Once it’s let go, the keyboard reverts back to QWERTY mode disabling the mouse. The idea is sound, but we’re not sure about the practicality. Or what it would do to your spelling.

[via AskMen]

Tour is the best BlackBerry yet

BB-equationThe BlackBerry Bold packs one of the best QWERTY keypads around, but it’s rather bulky. Now the BlackBerry Curve corrects this weight issue with a body slim enough to make Kate Moss blush, but it’s far less pokeable (than the Bold, not the supermodel). It didn’t take long for some bright-spark at RIM, to put two and two together, and release a handset with the best of both. Enter the BlackBerry Tour. Aside from the ace keypad, it comes with a 480×360 screen, Bluetooth, MicroSD slot, and 3.2MP autofocus camera. Looks like a Bold in Curve’s clothing.

[via Gizmodo]

Nokia N97 feels the heat in Dubai


Nokia’s latest N-series mobile has finally landed on the sunny shores of Dubai. We’ve played with it before, but we’re still rather impressed with this sleek little slider. It’s got a 5MP camera, HSDPA, A-GPS and up to 48GB of storage to play with, not to mention a full QWERTY revealed via sumptuous tilting mechanism. Expect to find it in stores early next week, for around US$850.

This marks the first release of the summer smartphone bonanza – with the Palm Pre launching in the US tomorrow, a new iPhone on the horizon, and HTC and Samsung both teasing big announcements. Like a Dubai summer, the mobile market is going to get very hot and sticky.

Motorola Clutch i465 military mobile


It’s hardly the most exciting of handsets for city-dwellers, but that’s because it’s designed for tank drivers, mountain climbers and other daredevil device users. Built to military standards, its got a full QWERTY, 1.8in TFT display and VGA camera. The push-to-talk function turns it into a handy walkie talkie, and has over 100 hours of standby time. Not sure when it will come crashing into the dunes over here, but it hits the US in June.

[via Gayakuman]

HTC takes design cues from Nokia, BlackBerry


Having ripped-off made its own version of a touchscreen QWERTY slider (the Touch Pro II looks very similiar to Nokia’s N97) HTC is looking to move into BlackBerry territory with the Snap. Now what does it remind us of? The Snap has a full QWERTY, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and has track ball navigation. It’s also got a few dedicated email, internet and search buttons exposed. HTC says it will be consumer friendly (read: cheaper than the competition) which is great news for wallet-watching BlackBerry fans. While HTC’s design team hasn’t been the most innovative with these models, we have to hand it to them. They’ve produced mobiles sure to entice, packing more features for less money (for example, the Snap has 3G while the Bold does not) and stuck to its Windows Mobile guns. More when we get our hands on one, soon.

[via Akihabara News]