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Say hello to the Olympus E-620


Savvy snappers have been jumping all over the Micro Four-Thirds market of late (in between point-and-shoots and wallet-devastating DSLR megacams) eating up the advanced features and improved picture quality like a starving fat man stuck in a pie shop. Hoping to satisfy these photo hungry masses, Olympus has released the E-620. It’s got a 12.3MP sensor, 2.7in tilt LCD and a huge selection of arty filters. It also packs nifty Shadow Adjustment Technology that promises to keep low-light images from blurring. It should be available for around US$700 (body-only) or US$800 with a 12-42mm f3.5/5.6 lense.

[via Gizmodo]

Check out Canon’s colourful SD1200 IS


There’s no greater style faux pas than having a camera that doesn’t match your shoes. How embarrassing! So Canon has released its newest SD1200 range in a bevy of beautiful shades. The  snappers take 10MP pics with 3x optical zoom, pack digital image stabilization, and have smile and blink detection as standard. Because most point-and-shoots on the market have similar specs Canon focused on the camera’s ergonomics. The result, a superbly strokeable shell that fits lovingly in your palm. Look for them in May when they’ll be available for around US$230.