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Philips micro theatres are teeny, but not weeny


Looks like it’s a bumper day at the Philips factory, with two more systems falling off the assembly line. This time, it’s micro DVD players. The 2.1 MCD802 (left) packs wireless subs, two 200W speakers and can record MP3s from any input source. It’s also DivX friendly, which is handy if you download and burn your own movies. The MCD388 (right) is wall-mountable, and will upscale your flicks to full 1080p HD. The MCD802 is US$325 and MCD388 is US$245. Both are available right now.

Philips gets two new iPod docks

philips iPoddox

Two new decent looking iPod docks from Philips today. The DC910 has a rotating dock, letting you twist the iPod from portrait to video landscape mode, with dual wOOx speakers that boost bass. While the DCM250 is a total micro hi-fi with iPod dock sat atop its sleek silhouette. Both will take music via USB, and the DC910 even packs SD/MMC slots for your digital tunes. They’ll cost around US$135 and US$165 mark, respectively.

Brand new Philips MP3 and MP4 players


Just in case you’ve been living under a rock this month (or worse, haven’t got the July issue of Stuff), Philip’s latest GoGear line-up is worth having a look at. There are five players in total, all with Philips trademark FullSound technology that enhances tunes with fuller base, instrument clarity and depth. It’s a pretty decent range, from high-end Opus with 2.8in LCD and 16GB of storage to fashionable Luxe with Bluetooth and FM radio. and all are available right now. Check out more details, here.

Philips using Twitter to give away Cinema screen

Picture 1

Philips is having some sort of competition, and it’s using Twitter to drum up support. The competition involves trying to create the best viral video in the world, advertising Philips 56in 21:9 cinema screen. The competition is worldwide, and all you need is a Twitter account to get involved. Just follow Philips_vs, and tweet ideas for your viral.

We’ve got one: Chuck a cinema screen off the Burj Dubai and film it smashing in slow motion – then have the screen pan out, and the slo-mo video is  being displayed on a Philips Cinema screen. What do you think?

Philips Fashion Iron: FAIL


Need we say more?

Philips Master LED light is green


This is a green light bulb, but not in the sense that it shines green light. No, this is the first bulb to hit the mass market with an eco-friendly LED light source. It consumes just 7W, yet produces the equivalent light output as a 40W incandescent bulbs. It also has a lamp life of up to 45,000 hours – some 45 times longer than its its older brother bulb and 25 times longer than traditional halogen filled lights. Go environment!

[via Gayakuman]