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Lenovo U350 confirms thin is definitely in


In the last two days, we’ve seen HP and Acer announce all new ultra-thin low-cost laptops. And not to be left out of the slimming competition, Lenovo has just come out with its U350. The 13.3in laptop will sit firmly between the US$700 to US$800 price range, but is less than an inch thick. It comes with Windows Vista, can cram up to 8GB of RAM into its skinny shell and will be available with an SSD option too. So who do you think will be next to oust an ultra-slim? LG? Samsung? BenQ?

Inspiron range gets colour treatment


Dell’s slimline Inspiron range is the latest to get the colour treatment. These crayon coloured desktops will come in shades like tangerine orange, plum purple and promise pink. Starting at only US$300, they can pack an alarming amount of tech. Each can fit an Intel Core 2 Quad processor, up to 8GB of RAM, 750GB of hard drive space and a Blu-ray drive. Why not go for the low-specced option, pick a colour to match your drapes and stick it in the living room under your TV. Stylish media centre on the cheap, done.

[via CrunchGear]

Leaving PCs on at night costs 2.8 billion


With this downturn in full swing, companies are looking to save some cash. But instead of firing staff and sitting tight-fisted on the bank balance, there’s US$2.8 billion a year to be saved. The data comes from a report on how US organisations can save money just by turning computers off at night. And it won’t just save money either, unused PCs emitted about 20 million tons of carbon dioxide (about 4 million cars worth) last year. So if you value your job, and the planet, shut it down.

[via USA Today]

Top Five: case mods

Not everyone is happy with the mundane appearance of their gaming consoles, so there are always a few looking for different ways to transform them into bizarre shapes and sizes. From PCs to Nintendo Wiis, take a look at some of the most interesting, or just plain weird, case mods out there:

#5 Xbox 360 tissue dispenser/alarm clock

A tissue dispenser and an alarm clock in an Xbox 360, what more could you ask for?

#4 Hello Kitty laptop


For all you die-hard fans Hello Kitty (and the girls here)


#3 Rockstar Games Wii

Stunning mod for the Wii. Shame it won’t handle the graphics on GTA IV.

#2 Rainbow Six-themed PS3

An awesome, detailed design of the Vegas scene, disguising the PS3 as a casino.

#1 R2D2 PC

Cleverly-designed case mod for the PC. Probably cleverer than the original R2.

[Post written by Stuff intern Haziq Ariffin]

Rockstar announces Max Payne 3


‘This is Max as we’ve never seen him before, a few years older, more world-weary and cynical than ever. We experience the downward spiral of his life after the events of Max Payne 2 and witness his last chance for salvation.’ Words directly from the mouth of Rockstar’s Sam Houser himself. Sounds pretty solid to us even if the official site is a little scant on details. We look forward to what will undoubtedly be a game filled with violence, bullet-time and one brooding old codger of a leading man.

Due out Winter 2009 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Unreal Tournament 3 free


Lost your job in the recession? No matter – Steam is offering Unreal Tournament 3 for nothing this weekend. Get yourself a Steam account, download the full game and start dominating. Unfortunately it will revert back to pay-to-play come Monday, but it’ll only cost you US$12 to buy the full game after that. Possibly the best demo ever…

PC rules the gaming roost


Gaming research firm NPD Group has found that PC gaming trumps other systems for multiplayer use. Among the online players surveyed, 87 per cent play PC games online while Xbox Live only accounts for half. The Wii came in third with 27 per cent, and the PS3 fell over the finish last with only one in five. PC gamers can probably thank their 11 million World of Warcraft players for the win, it was their dedication to grinding, levelling and raiding that clinched it.

[via Edge]