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XP mainstream support finishes tomorrow


Yep – Microsoft’s most widely-used product ceases to get mainstream support tomorrow. Punters using the world’s most successful OS will continue to get free security updates until 2014 (by which time XP will be truly off the menu), but anyone who wants a more focussed support network will need to ‘upgrade’ to Vista or wait for the forthcoming launch of Windows 7.

[via Slashdot]

Poll: best phone operating system


Fingers on buzzers, folks – it’s time to speak up about mobile phone operating systems. With this morning’s iPhone 3.0 OS announcement, the forthcoming release of Android handsets in the Middle East, WinMo’s slick new 6.5 incarnation in the offing and the global launch of the Palm Pre just months away, which mobile OS is getting your juices flowing. Vote here.

[Poll originally hosted at Gizmodo]

New iPhone OS update coming… is that all?


There’s a new iPhone OS update in the pipeline this week (we’ll bring you news on Wednesday morning). It’s great news for iPhoners and iPod Touchers who may finally get cut-and-paste functionality, bug fixes and (in our dreams) the ability to run multiple apps at once. Time will tell, but why no updates on the rest of the iPod range? Stuff’s new iPod Classic has infuriated us with its battery-saving screensaver (which we’d love to be able to turn off), particularly as the battery cycle is so long (not that we should complain) that we’re wondering when we might be able to run the battery down. As all Li-Ion cells should be run flat once a month, that would mean withholding dock duties for some three days a month. What would you ask Apple’s dev team to fix if you had the choice?