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Nokia´s E75 – the Middle East´s new top-seller?


First up, Stuff got a huge big-up at this morning´s Nokia press conference – yep, the world´s biggest-selling monthly gadget magazine had its pages writ large on the screen, while Nok´s executive VP of the company´s devices division gave us the shout-out. Sadly, he didn´t go on to launch a raft of new touchscreen devices with great cameras, as we had hoped. Instead, we got the everyman E55, a powerful smartie offering web and email functionality to the masses and the E75, which we think is going to be HUGE in the Middle East. Why? History, that´s why. The E75 is the latest in the Communicator series, which has always had mass appeal in our region. And why not upgrade? It´s beautiful, smart and (we suspect) quite funny. We´re chatting with the Finns a bit later, so expect rumours galore when we get out (and when we find time). E55 expected later this summer, E75 next month for around US$500.

Stuff goes to Mobile World Congress


With CES barely behind us, it’s nearly time to pack our overnight bags again and jet off to Barcelona for this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress from February 16 to 19. We’re boarding the good ship Nokia for this year’s trip, though our secret intention is to finger, fondle and frolic with as many Android prototypes as possible. Move aside T-Mobile G1, the floodgates are about to open… watch this blog for googlephone updates.