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Nokia X6 looks futuristic (and kinda is)


Check out Nokia’s latest touchscreen mobile, the X6. Part of the Comes With Music lineup, the X6 is capable of playing up to 35 hours of music on one battery charge. It also packs a 3.2in widescreen (with a 16:9 ratio that’s perfect for video) and 32GB internal storage. Oh, and it also looks like it came from the future – which is fantastic.

Nokia’s newest E72 and 5530 XpressMusic


In what’s turning out to be a very busy mobile month, Nokia has thrown two more into the ring. The E72 is an update to the brilliant E71 (that was fast) with an optical navigation key, 5MP camera and integrated compass. While the 5530 XpressMusic picks up where the original Tube left off, with a 2.9in screen, 3.2MP camera, 4GB on-board memory and more fancy music features. More specs and stats if you want them, right here.

HTC takes design cues from Nokia, BlackBerry


Having ripped-off made its own version of a touchscreen QWERTY slider (the Touch Pro II looks very similiar to Nokia’s N97) HTC is looking to move into BlackBerry territory with the Snap. Now what does it remind us of? The Snap has a full QWERTY, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and has track ball navigation. It’s also got a few dedicated email, internet and search buttons exposed. HTC says it will be consumer friendly (read: cheaper than the competition) which is great news for wallet-watching BlackBerry fans. While HTC’s design team hasn’t been the most innovative with these models, we have to hand it to them. They’ve produced mobiles sure to entice, packing more features for less money (for example, the Snap has 3G while the Bold does not) and stuck to its Windows Mobile guns. More when we get our hands on one, soon.

[via Akihabara News]

Nokia’s March flip phone bonanza


Two new flip phones have been launched by everyone’s favourite Finnish mobile maker. The 7205 Intrigue (above) was launched in the States for US$180. The cash gets you an external display that lights up with incoming texts or tracks while playing music, a habitat mode that arranges your contacts in chronological order (why?) and the largest D-pad we’ve ever seen on a mobile. Meanwhile, the 3606 (below) is an ultra-thin variant, with a basic 1.3MP camera on its back and  a whopping 10 days of battery life. That also comes in at the US$180 mark. We know some people rave about flip phones, but they haven’t really done anything for us since Motorola’s Razr V3.

[via Gizmodo and Gayakuman]


Nokia Bluetooth headphones are ear and eye candy


The results of Nokia’s recent headphone design competition are in. They asked for headsets inspired by a certain song (can you guess the inspiration behind the ones above?). The contest received over 8,000 ideas, but only a handful were turned into the real deal. These are just working concepts for now, but it does say a lot about customised gadgetry. If we can get iPods laser engraved and build our own Puma shoes, why not dance with cool individual headphones? More pictures of the winners here. Oh, and the inspiration behind the pair above was R. Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly.

[via Gizmodo]

Three new Nokia phones: 5730, 5330 and 5030


In an agonising online press conference that began half an hour ago, Nokia dropped three new Xpressmusic phones. The 5730 (above) is the Finns’ first music handset with a full QWERTY, the 5330 is a slider with a claimed 26-hour playback life (and 3.5mm jack socket) and the emerging market geared 5030 has FM radio and a speaker that Nokia equates to a boom box. The first two are expected to ship in Q3 for US$355 and US$200 respectively, and the budget 5030 should arrive this summer for under US$50.


Top Five: touchscreen phones


#5 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
The Finnish mobile giant’s moved into touchscreen territory with this mid-range music maestro. Super simple Nokia controls and S60 interface are a pleasure as usual. Sadly though, the 3.2 screen is just that, mid-range. Unresponsive and sluggish at times, it’s useful without the stylus so long as you’re not browsing the web.


#4 LG Prada II

The old Prada featured multi-touch (a feature many handsets still haven’t mastered) so we had high hopes for its younger brother. It doesn’t need stylus back-up as the improved interface and intuitive menus are highly receptive to strokes and prods, and snapping the 5MP cam via touch is a nice feature.


#3 Apple iPhone
What’s this? Apple’s famed mobile not sitting smugly at number one? That’s right, the iPhone’s been around for ages and is ready for a much needed tune-up, if you ask us. Still, the 3.5in capacitive screen does multi-touch very well, and the onscreen QWERTY still can’t be beat.


#2 T-Mobile G1
Its open source Android operating system makes the most of the capacitive touchscreen, and it’s the most fluid and responsive of the bunch. Intuitive menus will please your fingers, but the QWERTY keypad and trackball are unnecessary and just add bulk to the device.


#1 HTC Touch HD

We’ve got to hand it to HTC, its skinned Windows Mobile OS works with the enormous touchscreen beautifully. The WVGA widescreen makes video playback easy on the eyes, while the phone’s intuitive controls coupled with its Opera Mobile 9.5 browser,will have mobile internet users jumping for joy.

Nokia´s E75 – the Middle East´s new top-seller?


First up, Stuff got a huge big-up at this morning´s Nokia press conference – yep, the world´s biggest-selling monthly gadget magazine had its pages writ large on the screen, while Nok´s executive VP of the company´s devices division gave us the shout-out. Sadly, he didn´t go on to launch a raft of new touchscreen devices with great cameras, as we had hoped. Instead, we got the everyman E55, a powerful smartie offering web and email functionality to the masses and the E75, which we think is going to be HUGE in the Middle East. Why? History, that´s why. The E75 is the latest in the Communicator series, which has always had mass appeal in our region. And why not upgrade? It´s beautiful, smart and (we suspect) quite funny. We´re chatting with the Finns a bit later, so expect rumours galore when we get out (and when we find time). E55 expected later this summer, E75 next month for around US$500.

Stuff goes to Mobile World Congress


With CES barely behind us, it’s nearly time to pack our overnight bags again and jet off to Barcelona for this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress from February 16 to 19. We’re boarding the good ship Nokia for this year’s trip, though our secret intention is to finger, fondle and frolic with as many Android prototypes as possible. Move aside T-Mobile G1, the floodgates are about to open… watch this blog for googlephone updates.