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Happy 20th birthday, Game Boy


Launched in April 1989, the Nintendo Game Boy has reached its 20th birthday. The handheld shipped 120 million units during its 14-year production stint (every member of the Stuff team had one growing up) and blew away competition from the likes of Sega’s Game Gear and Atari’s Lynx. Over the years it’s provided entertainment from the likes of Tetris and Super Mario Brothers, to wildly popular Pokemon, and even produced ace perephirals like the first Game Boy Camera. Not a bad run for a 20-year old.

[via Kotaku]

Monsters vs Aliens Wii game better than film

That’s Wired’s verdict, but we really just want to see how much traffic we generate every time we use the word ‘alien’ in a post. Perhaps some of you xenophiles can help us out with this. Why, alien-lovers, why?

Nutter side down: the Super Nintoaster


Not content to separate your breakfast from your gaming? Well now you don’t have to – the above mod has ripped the guts out of a standard household toaster and replaced them with all the awesome bits that make up that quintessential vintage system of gaming, the SNES. Okay, so it doesn’t actually toast your bread (we’re guessing due to possible fire hazards) but you do load the game cartridges by pushing down the toast lever on the side. Breakfast of champions, indeed.

[Via Craziest Gadgets]

Reality gaming: the next big thing?


What if we took casual gaming to the next level? That’s Charlie Brooker’s idea in today’s Guardian column.

The biggest growth area in videogames right now is the “casual gaming” market. For “casual”, read “mainstream”. Effectively, this means games the average human being can relate to: anyone who’s lived in a house can grasp what The Sims is, for instance; anyone who’s played tennis knows how to swing a Nintendo Wii remote. Grand Theft Auto might not look like a casual game, but it certainly appeals to a wide demographic, namely anyone who’s ever fantasised about going berserk in a city (ie 98% of the population).

He goes on to suggest games such as Super Squabble Champ IV and Boundless Libertine Plus. Well worth a read.

PC rules the gaming roost


Gaming research firm NPD Group has found that PC gaming trumps other systems for multiplayer use. Among the online players surveyed, 87 per cent play PC games online while Xbox Live only accounts for half. The Wii came in third with 27 per cent, and the PS3 fell over the finish last with only one in five. PC gamers can probably thank their 11 million World of Warcraft players for the win, it was their dedication to grinding, levelling and raiding that clinched it.

[via Edge]

The Wii gets classic Super Famicom controller


The Wii is great if you like swinging your arms about wildly while hopping up and down on a white plastic board. But Nintendo controllers didn’t always require you throw your whole body around. With arcade classics now freely available for download, Nintendo has released its Super Famicom (aka SNES) controller made to the exact 1990 specifications for US$75. This is the coolest Wii accessory yet, and we can’t wait to get stuck into Super Mario World. Again.