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New iPod Shuffle speaks your language (maybe)


While we were sleeping Apple popped out a new 2GB Shuffle. Are we excited? Put it this way, we would rather have seen a 64GB SSD hit the Touch, or even a 32GB disk in an iPhone, but the new Shuffle – as well as being amusingly loseable small – rectifies one of the big problems of the old model. Previously, when a random track blared out mid-jog and you wanted to know what it was, you were out of luck. This one will speak the name of the tune and artist, plus it can verbally let you know the status of its 10-hour battery. We sense, however, that the Shuffle’s Arabic support will be somewhat lacking. Available in black or silver any time now for US$80.

UPDATE: 4GB is what we meant. The new Shuffle is 4GB. Note to selves – drink coffee before early morning posting. Sorry.