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Jim and Ben’s New Music Podcast goes live


Some of you will remember former Stuff intern Ben Thomas, the baby-faced boy wonder of the team from this time last year. Ben went back to London where – with co-host Jim Webb (who we think used to text the radio show weekly about Benny’s nasally tones) – he has just started Jim and Ben’s New Music Podcast. The pair promise to share their music-spotting expertise with the connected world:

We understand that this is a hugely self indulgent venture and that very few people are going to like the sounds of our voices as much as we do ourselves but we thought it would be fun and give some meaning to our otherwise futile existences.

Check out the guys’ first episode now, and expect regular updates filled with tuneful goodness. Also, you can hit up their Facebook group here.

Batteries Included: The Pirate Bay trail


The Pirate Bay trial closed today and awaits a verdict on April 19. In this week’s Batteries included column, we ponder what the outcome might mean for the wider World Wide Web. Read the column here.

Batteries included is a weekly column in 7DAYS.

Finger powered MP3 cassette


These days we have the ability to store a gajillion songs on a memory stick the size of a business card. But Stuff has always maintained that there’s something quaint and hip about a good old-fashioned mix tape. Enter Yanko Design with itsconcept for the NVDRS Tape – it comes in three options of 45/60/90 minutes of playback, meaning that actual time and care has to be put into which tunes make the cut. Sticking to the classic design, you need to poke a finger (or some other poking implement) into the spools to forward and rewind tracks and the whole shebang is powered by kinetic energy. Currently only in the concept stages, we thought we’d share with you what we hope will help spark an MP3 revolution, ’80s style.

Sony Ericsson drops 12.1MP bombshell


So, we’re here in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, as promised. Prospects this year include increased touchiness from the Nokia stall, loads of location aware devices, smartphones for the masses, digicam-slaying resolutions on camphones and, of course, a gooey wad of Android stickiness. First out of the blocks this year was Sony Ericsson, which dropped a 12.1MP (yes, you heard right) camphone under the working title: Idou. That’s nowhere near release, sadly (expected later this year). What they did give us was the W995 Walkman phone, which doesn’t shirk picture duty with an 8.1MP snapper and bungs in Wi-Fi and ‘turbo’ 3G (aka HSDPA), plus the stunning sonic talents we’ve come to expect from the Swedes’ music ancestry.