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Mio Navman thin in-car GPS


Bringing some excitement to the rather drab world of in-car GPS, the Mio Navman is an ultra-sleek navigator. It matches a gorgeous 4.7in screen and wafer-thin 14.5mm case with TruMap 3D software programmed for smart economical routing. It also packs an FM transmitter, MP3 and video player, text to speech system and a lifetime subscription to breaking traffic info. It’ll be available to sex up your dash, for around US$300.

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Braun MP3 Jukebox is German déjà vu


The noted German industrial designer Dieter Rams once said, ‘Weniger, aber besser’ which roughly translates to ‘less, but better’ (our German is a bit rusty). He took this design ethos with him to Braun, crafting beautifully simple coffee makers, calculators, radios and hi-fi. The Audio 1 Kompaktanlage, a radio designed by him in 1962, has had the pleasure of a modern overhaul.The radio scales have been replaced by two TFT screens, the FM antennae has been ousted for a Wi-fi ready one, while the casing has been given an aluminium and steel finish. This is 1960s minamalism at its best. Not impressed? It’s thought that Rams’s designs influenced Jonathan Ive of Apple notoriety, who went on to create the iMac, iPod and iPhone. See, history can be fun.

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Samsung YP-Q2 announced


After attracting the MP3 masses at CES with the YP-P3, Samsung has announced the Q2. A follow up to the Q1 we tested last October, this pretty standard media player packs a 16GB SD card slot, 2.4in QVGA screen and FM radio. It will support MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, and MP4 files. It’ll also include a built in voice recorder and line-in recorder, handy for you music types. No word of pricing or availability just yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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UPDATE: As Minul pointed out, we linked to a different source. Don’t worry, it’s all fixed above.

Skull Candy Double Agent MP-640 spotted


Headphone happy Skull Candy has released the latest in its Double Agent series with these colourful cans. The MP-640s aim to destroy your portable media player, by having their own SD card slots built in. Just pop a card loaded with MP3 tunes into the headphones’ trapdoor, and start headbanging like there’s no tomorrow. They also come with a USB cable for charging and PC use, and a 3.5mm stereo cable (but why?). They’ll be available in the region soonish, for an even US$100.

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Sony welcomes Walkman in pink


If there’s one thing we don’t get enough of in gadgetland, it’s little pink portable media players. That’s why Sony Japan released the NW-S738FK and NW-S736FK (thanks for the stellar names, Sony). Both have a 2in TFT screen, portable mini speakers (pictured) and noise cancelling headphones. They will come in 4GB and 8GB flavours, US$190 and US$230 respectively, in shades of pink, red, gold and black.

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Finger powered MP3 cassette


These days we have the ability to store a gajillion songs on a memory stick the size of a business card. But Stuff has always maintained that there’s something quaint and hip about a good old-fashioned mix tape. Enter Yanko Design with itsconcept for the NVDRS Tape – it comes in three options of 45/60/90 minutes of playback, meaning that actual time and care has to be put into which tunes make the cut. Sticking to the classic design, you need to poke a finger (or some other poking implement) into the spools to forward and rewind tracks and the whole shebang is powered by kinetic energy. Currently only in the concept stages, we thought we’d share with you what we hope will help spark an MP3 revolution, ’80s style.

Calvin Klein MP3 players


Calvin Klein will be offering bottles of CK one and CK be with a removable MP3 player in the packaging. Why, you ask? Because the marketing buffs in CKs New York HQ have figured that music is a universal language, so they want to use it to sell perfume. We don’t understand the logic behind the marketing ploy, but then again, we don’t spend all day huffing noxious gases.

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mobiBLU aliens invade your MP3


Not a week goes by that the World isn’t threatened by disaster. This time, it’s little green me, flocking to Earth in tiny flying saucers and looking to take control of our precious ears. But is that such a bad thing? The mobiBLU UFO fits a built-in speaker and Bluetooth, capable of blasting mind-melding tunes for six hours. Like real alien cruisers, its underside lights up when in use and it vibrates. But of course…

The UFO comes in red or black flavours, holding up to 8GB of space-aged songs.

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Batteries included: SanDisk’s slotRadio


SanDisk’s slotRadio – unveiled at this year’s CES – has had a hard time from bloggers. But isn’t it just being honest about the way we pick our music? In this week’s 7DAYS column, Batteries included, we make a case for the little rogue.

Read the column here.

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