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Motorola Clutch i465 military mobile


It’s hardly the most exciting of handsets for city-dwellers, but that’s because it’s designed for tank drivers, mountain climbers and other daredevil device users. Built to military standards, its got a full QWERTY, 1.8in TFT display and VGA camera. The push-to-talk function turns it into a handy walkie talkie, and has over 100 hours of standby time. Not sure when it will come crashing into the dunes over here, but it hits the US in June.

[via Gayakuman]

Goodbye alphanumeric keypads?


Look at the latest launches from the CTIA mobile show, and you’ll see a trend developing. The talk’s all about touch and QWERTY keypads, with hardly any mention of alphanumeric keys. The way people use their mobiles has started to affect design. The organisers at CTIA claim subscribers sent over one trillion texts in 2007, triple the volume of the previous year. NPD Group claims a third of US phones now have full alphabet keypads (thanks to BlackBerry, no doubt) and the show stands have barely got two standard keypads to rub together. The rise of text-based communication (via SMS, web and email) means the future of interfaces is touchscreen or QWERTY. It seems there’s no room left for the regular keypad anymore.

[via USA Today]

Meet Moto’s rugged MC55


For the CEO who enjoys bungie jumping out the coorporate jet on a daily basis, Motorola has launched the business friendly MC55 rugged range. You’ll get all the benefits of a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone (email, web surfing, address book, etc) in a structurally sound shell. It can handle drops on concrete from up to 1.2m and the odd morning coffee spill too. It’s also the smallest and lightest ‘mobile computer’ to pack a 3.5in screen. We like the multicoloured buttons, but come on Moto, would it kill you to release something pretty?

[via Boy Genius Report]

Motorola ZN300 slider leaked


In an unreported incident at Motorola HQ, scientists experimenting with a new phone clock technology accidentaly created a time vortex. The resulting chronological maelstrom wreaked havoc in the design department, reversing the engineers brains into thinking they were back in the year 2000. Unfortunately the effects were irreversable, which is why this new ZN300 looks like it was made by caveman. It packs the latest in mobile technology (from five years ago) including a 3MP camera, QVGA display and 3.5mm headphone jack. Wonders never cease.

[via Gayakuman]