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Nokia N900 not-phone hits next week

The N900, Nokia’s latest ‘mobile computer’ with Maemo software arrives next week for a wallet-busting US$815 (Dhs3,000). Its got a great 5MP camera, ultra-fast processor and 32GB in-built memory, but that’s not the point. This isn’t a phone people, it’s a shape shifting psychotic mobile computer. And here’s proof in the ad above.

Nokia X6 looks futuristic (and kinda is)


Check out Nokia’s latest touchscreen mobile, the X6. Part of the Comes With Music lineup, the X6 is capable of playing up to 35 hours of music on one battery charge. It also packs a 3.2in widescreen (with a 16:9 ratio that’s perfect for video) and 32GB internal storage. Oh, and it also looks like it came from the future – which is fantastic.

LG Arena lands in the UAE


Having palmed the LG Arena and its funky 3D multi-touch interface at Mobile World Congress in February, we’re glad to see it finally appearing over here. In case you forgot, the Arena has a slick 3in widescreen display, has HSDPA-powered mobile internet, A-GPS for mapping and navigation and a DivX video player for your flicks. It’s available right now for US$680.

Shoot a mobile phone movie for CNN


Want to shoot a movie on your phone? And have Myleene Klass watch it? If you ticked both of the above, you’re in luck. CNN is accepting entries via YouTube for its flagship film programme The Screening Room. You’d better get to work on your storyboard, though, as the deadline for entries is May 25. Full details at the show’s official site.

Motorola ZN300 slider leaked


In an unreported incident at Motorola HQ, scientists experimenting with a new phone clock technology accidentaly created a time vortex. The resulting chronological maelstrom wreaked havoc in the design department, reversing the engineers brains into thinking they were back in the year 2000. Unfortunately the effects were irreversable, which is why this new ZN300 looks like it was made by caveman. It packs the latest in mobile technology (from five years ago) including a 3MP camera, QVGA display and 3.5mm headphone jack. Wonders never cease.

[via Gayakuman]

HTC Magic Android Google phone hands-on


Rubbish name, but Vodafone, HTC and Google have got most of it right. The just-announced G2 (though the manufacturer is adamant that we call it the Vodafone Magic) is a sweet piece of smartphone. We´ve just come back from fondling its 3.2in HVGA capacative touchscreen (with genius text input; there´s no keyboard) and we are officially impressed. The digital compass and G-sensor enabled Street View roaming has to be seen to be believed, though we´re a bit put out that we´re back in proprietary headphone territory (no 3.5mm jack socket). Apart from that, it´s running the latest version of Android, which is smoother and smarter than the version running on the G1. Look and feel are amazing, and it will be available immediately for pre-order in black or white (depending on territory, around €99 to €199 with data plan) in Europe. Italy´s going non-exclusive with it, so we should see grey market handsets soon. More details in the next issue of Stuff, out on March 1.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention the camera – bog standard 3.2MP job with no flash; our pics didn´t look great – and the screen, which looks great streaming video from YouTube. Connectivity: HSDPA and Wi-Fi. Don´t say we never tell you anything.

Day of the Android at MWC?


There was a dearth of Android news at MWC yesterday, but things are hotting up. First, we´ve just come from the Nvidia stand, where they´re showcasing prototypes (like the one pictured) running Tegra, an Android platform with 1080p support, multiple video capabilities and the ability to dual-boot with WinMo. No market devices yet, but this is heading for MIDs and netbooks over the coming year and Nvidia claims boosted battery life to the tune of two or three days. When pushed about the manufacturers expected to launch with the hardware, we were told, ´It´s pretty much who you´d expect.´ Secondly, we´re off to a Vodafone conference this afternoon where the operator is announcing ´a new mobile internet smartphone´… HTC is involved, too… we smell Android blood. Watch this space in a couple of hours.