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Logitech gets two new Squeezeboxes


More Squeezebox goodness from Logitech today, with the Radio and Touch. Both stream audio over Wi-Fi as usual, but the Radio (pictured) packs stereo speakers and the Touch just streams to your existing hi-fi. They’ll come in at US$200 and US$300, respectively.

Logitech S315i portable iPod dock

Portable Spealer S315i

On the verge of new iPods being released (September 9th) Logitech has given us two new portable iPod docks. The S315i (above) looks pretty neat, packing up to 20-hours of portable power with the ability to recharge your iPod on-the-go. The S125i weighs only 500g, but will keep your tunes pumping for over 10-hours. Both are available right now, for US$140 and US$100 respectively.

Logitech Ultimate Ears are pure audio quality


Better known for its keyboards and mice, Logitech has released some surprisingly good earphones. The Ultimate Ears 700 have brands like Klipsch and Shure in their sights, aiming to offer comparable quality at a much cheaper price. We don’t know about that, but we do know they beat the hell out of the bundled iPod earphones you’re still using…