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Vodafone Magic (aka Android G2) delayed


According to Talk Android, Vodafone won’t release the Magic (aka Android G2) until May 1, later than the vague ‘sometime in April’ launch the big V was heading for. Yet the company’s site still maintains that the HTC-made phone is ‘arriving in April’. And Stuff – which has signed up for updates – is yet to hear any word on the new date. Fingers crossed, the rumours are wrong, but we can’t help feeling that Voda should have given us a date by now if it is launching this month. More as we hear it…

UPDATE: Voda’s site still says this:stuff_g2update

Save the date: new iPhone in June (maybe)


Apple has announced the dates of its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. This is the event at which the iPhone 3G was announced last year, and the smart money says that if there’s a new J-phone in the offing, it’ll be announced between June 8 to 12 at the event. After some pretty mediocre offerings so far this year, we think it could be just the ticket to get summer off to a good start.

iPhone launches: prices complicated, expensive


So, Etisalat – you finally unleash the promised iPhone 3G on the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and we finally get to hear what you’ll be charging for it. Looks like we’ve got the option of a very expensive phone (Dhs3,090 for a 16GB) or a subsidised phone with a very expensive data plan (Dhs643 pcm for 2GB data, 500mins of vox and 300 SMS). All the in-betweens are above. Let us know if you’re willing to take the plunge, or staying grey.