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Lenovo U350 confirms thin is definitely in


In the last two days, we’ve seen HP and Acer announce all new ultra-thin low-cost laptops. And not to be left out of the slimming competition, Lenovo has just come out with its U350. The 13.3in laptop will sit firmly between the US$700 to US$800 price range, but is less than an inch thick. It comes with Windows Vista, can cram up to 8GB of RAM into its skinny shell and will be available with an SSD option too. So who do you think will be next to oust an ultra-slim? LG? Samsung? BenQ?

Bumper day for Asus with N81Vg


The Asus factory has certainly been busy this morning. After churning out some new motherboards, its moved on to high performance laptops with the N81Vg. The 14in lap-happy PC has standard specs in most areas, however it’s packing one monster of a graphics card. The Nvidia GeForce GT 120M is DirectX 10 compatible, handles 1080p HD video with ease and uses 110 gigaflops of processing power. To put that in perspective, this laptop received a 3Dmark performance score akin to some hardcore gaming PCs.

Samsung launches X460 and NC20


Two new laptops are hitting the UAE from the Sammy camp: the 14in X460, weighing less than 2kg, and the 12in NC20 (pictured), which boasts over six hours of battery life. More in next month’s issue of Stuff.

D-Roll laptop concept might eat your fingers


While it does resemble the chomping jaws of an oversized beetle, the D-Roll is actually modelled after the scroll. Realizing that most laptops take after sideways books, the designers from Hao Hua went one better: a flexible screen and keyboard both unfurl from its cylindrical base, while the leather straps let you parade it around man-bag fashion. We’re willing to bet this never enters production, but flexibile screens and keyboards are sure to make an appearance sometime soon.

[via Gizmodo]

HP tx2 multi-touch tablet hands-on quick review


She’s not fat, she’s big-boned. However you put it, the tx2 does not cut a slim figure. Our model says ‘TT3 prototype’ on the back, but it walks like a tx2, talks like a tx2 and looks like it had five Mini-Notes for breakfast. It would all be worth it if the multi-touch interface meant a truly usable tablet for once, but HP isn’t quite there yet, and the tx’s gesture awareness and scrolling ability are too juddery to even get you halfway to forgiving the rest of the laptop for piling on the pounds. If you’re a peripheral-lover, on the other hand, this is your girl: expansion ports, USB, optical drive, Ethernet, slide-out remote control (no, really), Altec Lansing speakers, the list goes on. But, yeah, she’s fat.