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Samsung Jet: more TouchWiz shenanigans


And this is it – the phone Samsung mercilessly teased us with for weeks. Its got a super-fast 800MHz processor, 3.1in AMOLED screen, 5MP camera and runs TouchWiz 2.0. We’ve already had a bit of a play with the handset, with the slick touchscreen and responsive OS (no doubt thanks to a faster processor) by far its best features. For more on the mobile, make sure to pick up next month’s magazine.

But really Sammy, another TouchWiz phone? When you’ve been dangling the Android-running I7500 in our drooling faces for over a month now. When’s that one coming out? Can it be soon, please?

Mokai jet-propelled kayak is just that


Anything powered by jet-engine deserves a special mention, and this kayak is no different. Built by Mokai, the 3.65m kayak is powered by a Honda four-stroke engine, capable of flying through the surf at 25kph. That doesn’t sound very fast, until you consider it will save you paddling for 200km on one tank of petrol. Expect seeing them whizzing down the creek soonish. We hope.

[via Uncrate]