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New iPods, iTunes and wonderful colours


The internets awash with info from Apple’s iPod event last night. The big news: iTunes 9 is available with a load of new features and a more polished look, there’s a new 64GB iPod touch and the newest iPod Nano 5G packs a camera with FM radio and video recording. Exciting stuff. You can read all about it in next month’s magazine, and until then, enjoy all the pretty colours!

iPhone OS 3.0 now available from Etisalat


If you haven’t already done so, remember to grab the iPhone’s OS upgrade from iTunes. It’s got all sorts of goodies, including Arabic language support, and it’s totally free. For iPhones that are, say less official, you might want to hold off until jail breaking catches up. Otherwise, it could end up bricking your phone, making it totally unusable.

UPDATE: iPhone OS 3.0 Pwnage Tool has just been released. Thanks Mike.

Ben and Jim’s New Music Podcast: Episode II


In a fight between a monkey and an ox with a knife, who would win? Discover the answer and lots of new tunes on the second podcast from Jim and Ben. They also gave us a mention, thanks to this. Download the podcast here. Or get it from MySpace. And don’t forget to join the Facebook group.

Songbird wipes users’ music


We love Songbird, the free open-source media player. But thanks to a bug within its iPod support add-on, it’s been running around your music library, burning files at random. One user over at Wired.com lost 60GB of music, while another had 70GB wiped without warning. Songbird has long been a great option for those tired of Windows Media Player, and unwilling to stick Apple’s proprietary iTunes software on their computer. This bug will certainly have iPod users abandoning the program, and such poor publicity is sure to hurt the program in the future. If you’re a Songbird user, get your music library backed up now.

[via Wired]

UPDATE: It’s all fixed. Head over here to find an updated add-on.

iTunes gets Marvel comics


iTunes is set to continue its digital download domination, this time with comics. Fresh from New York ComicCon comes news that Marvel will be creating special ‘In-Motion’ comics available from Apple’s online store. Marvel hopes to mix traditional static panels with some animated ones. It will be creating all new digital content for the service, as well as transferring some of your old favourites.

While we’re excited about the prospect of getting Spiderman on the iPhone, we’re not sure about these motion comics. Don’t they call those cartoons?

[via CrunchGear]