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New iPods, iTunes and wonderful colours


The internets awash with info from Apple’s iPod event last night. The big news: iTunes 9 is available with a load of new features and a more polished look, there’s a new 64GB iPod touch and the newest iPod Nano 5G packs a camera with FM radio and video recording. Exciting stuff. You can read all about it in next month’s magazine, and until then, enjoy all the pretty colours!

Philips gets two new iPod docks

philips iPoddox

Two new decent looking iPod docks from Philips today. The DC910 has a rotating dock, letting you twist the iPod from portrait to video landscape mode, with dual wOOx speakers that boost bass. While the DCM250 is a total micro hi-fi with iPod dock sat atop its sleek silhouette. Both will take music via USB, and the DC910 even packs SD/MMC slots for your digital tunes. They’ll cost around US$135 and US$165 mark, respectively.

GiiNii Movit Mini comes out for Halloween


Remember this? We first spotted the Android-powered 4.3in internet tablet at CES last January, and a release date has just been confirmed. Pre-orders will be available over the summer, with products being shipped starting October this year. It’s too early to talk prices, but if the gadgetland rumour is to be believed, it’s going to be cheaper than an iPod touch.

[via Gayakuman]

SwitchEasy ThumbTacks won’t poke you


Microphones can be unwieldly. With long chords and bulbous heads, even the most portable are a pain. That’s why you need one of these ThumbTack mics. They don’t just resemble their real world counterparts in size and style, but the micro-mic has been tested in a range of audio environments for decent recording quality. These will work with an iPod Nano 4G or iPod Touch 2G, and are priced at a ridiculously cheap US$13. Well worth a look if you’re looking to chuck that old dictaphone.

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