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Wake up next to Philips


Part lamp, part iPod dock, this Philips Wake-Up Light should get you out of bed. It gradually wakes you up using light and increasing music volume, for a more pleasant experience (getting out of bed is never pleasant, for us anyway). It also works in reverse too, slowly reducing light and decreasing your iPods volume until you’re pleasantly counting sheep.


iPhone OS 3.0 now available from Etisalat


If you haven’t already done so, remember to grab the iPhone’s OS upgrade from iTunes. It’s got all sorts of goodies, including Arabic language support, and it’s totally free. For iPhones that are, say less official, you might want to hold off until jail breaking catches up. Otherwise, it could end up bricking your phone, making it totally unusable.

UPDATE: iPhone OS 3.0 Pwnage Tool has just been released. Thanks Mike.

Apple iPhone 3GS (the ‘S’ stands for speedy)


A new iPhone was spotted last night, and while the body has stayed very much the same, its guts received a much needed overhaul. Apple has thrown a faster processor and twice the RAM into the 3GS, with a 3MP autofocus camera, better battery life and voice controls. iPhone OS 3.0 will come pre-installed, giving you a digital compass, copy and paste functions and a neat Find My iPhone application. It will come in 16GB and 32GB capacities, in the familiar black and white, and be priced US$200 and US$300 respectively. Out in the UAE  this August.

New Apple iPhone out today?


Before any Apple event, sweaty palmed fan boys pledge allegiance to Jobs while anti-Apple naysayers hold their Zunes up high, leaving everyone else to speculate. This time round, the iPhone is in the spotlight. We’ve heard rumours ranging from US$100 handsets, an updated camera with video capabilities and increased 32GB capacities. We’ve also seen OLED screens, Apple tablet renderings, matte surfaces and glowing Apple logos. And while we can’t comment on those rumours, a loose-lipped Belkin exec recently let slip she had seen plans of the new ‘smaller and thinner’ iPhone. We shall all find out in the next few hours…

Nokia N97 feels the heat in Dubai


Nokia’s latest N-series mobile has finally landed on the sunny shores of Dubai. We’ve played with it before, but we’re still rather impressed with this sleek little slider. It’s got a 5MP camera, HSDPA, A-GPS and up to 48GB of storage to play with, not to mention a full QWERTY revealed via sumptuous tilting mechanism. Expect to find it in stores early next week, for around US$850.

This marks the first release of the summer smartphone bonanza – with the Palm Pre launching in the US tomorrow, a new iPhone on the horizon, and HTC and Samsung both teasing big announcements. Like a Dubai summer, the mobile market is going to get very hot and sticky.

iPhone price drops (thanks, Etisalat)


We thought Etisalat’s original pricing structrue for the iPhone was complicated and expensive. And apparently, they’ve listened to our cries. First they made things simple with a pre-paid scheme. And now the telco has announced new tariffs for its iPhone customers: still complicated, but less expensive.

Two ‘special’ products from du


A mysterious invite appeared in the Stuff mailbag yesterday. Du says it is launching two ‘special’ and ‘new’ products on Sunday. What are they? ‘Black is a mysterious colour,’ says the UAE telecoms company. We’re going to be pretty disappointed if it’s not an iPhone or BlackBerry (with prices to duke it up with Etisalat’s tariffs). Course, if it’s the T-Mobile G1, we’re going to be ecstatic. G2? Now we’re dreaming.