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HTC Snap available in the UAE

HTC Snap

Remember the HTC Snap? It’s a WinMo 6.1 mobile packing a full QWERTY keypad and track ball navigation. It’s hardly the most innovative of mobiles, but it does pack handy 3G where others do not.┬áIt’s available now for US$435 – great news for you wallet-watching BlackBerry fans.

HTC takes design cues from Nokia, BlackBerry


Having ripped-off made its own version of a touchscreen QWERTY slider (the Touch Pro II looks very similiar to Nokia’s N97) HTC is looking to move into BlackBerry territory with the Snap. Now what does it remind us of? The Snap has a full QWERTY, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and has track ball navigation. It’s also got a few dedicated email, internet and search buttons exposed. HTC says it will be consumer friendly (read: cheaper than the competition) which is great news for wallet-watching BlackBerry fans. While HTC’s design team hasn’t been the most innovative with these models, we have to hand it to them. They’ve produced mobiles sure to entice, packing more features for less money (for example, the Snap has 3G while the Bold does not) and stuck to its Windows Mobile guns. More when we get our hands on one, soon.

[via Akihabara News]