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Philips gets two new iPod docks

philips iPoddox

Two new decent looking iPod docks from Philips today. The DC910 has a rotating dock, letting you twist the iPod from portrait to video landscape mode, with dual wOOx speakers that boost bass. While the DCM250 is a total micro hi-fi with iPod dock sat atop its sleek silhouette. Both will take music via USB, and the DC910 even packs SD/MMC slots for your digital tunes. They’ll cost around US$135 and US$165 mark, respectively.

Sony gets stylish streaming hi-fi


Sony’s released two sexy new iPod docks, and they do a lot more than provide comfortable seating for your portable media. The NAS-Z200iR (terrible name) fits an iPod or iPhone, with USB and audio input for other players, but will also access your PCs music library and stream files direct. It comes with a suspiciously iPod-like controller. The CMT-Z100iR (another terrible name) is a bit less smart, packing the same features, without the Wi-Fi streaming. Both will be available mid-September.

[via Akihabara News]