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DJ Hero to modernise Guitar Hero


DJ Hero… it’s the two-turntable twist on rock shredfest Guitar Hero. No word on a release date yet, unless you count ‘coming soon’ as a hint, but the official site has gone live and it’s taken our hearts to 120bpm. Count us in, Activision.

DreamGEAR’s Warbeast rocks your PS3

warbeastLoad up Guitar Hero World Tour and you’ll soon be shredding it onstage, blasting powerchords and making that virtual crowd go wild. In reality, you’re alone in your bedroom jabbing multicoloured buttons on a plastic guitar. Not very rockstar, is it? Thank the rock gods dreamGEAR took pity on us, crafting this beautiful axe for the PS3. The WarBeast (what a name) was created with help from the luthiers at BC Rich, so it’s life-sized and looks badass. The neck is removeable and has an enhanced strum and whammy bar. And for those of you headbangers out there – the whole thing is completelly wireless. Slash would approve.

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Guitar Hero becomes highest-grossing game ever

Guitar Hero 3
For those of us non-gifted musicians, Guitar Hero has always been music to our tone deaf ears. Touch a few multi-coloured buttons in the right order, and you’ll soon get that totally real virtual crowd frothing at the mouth for more rocking tunes.  We always knew it was going to sell some copies, but with over US$1bn in sales since its release in 2007, it’s become the highest-grossing game ever produced. Activision are sure to be headbanging their way to the bank tonight.

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