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Hyundai Blue Drive Blue-Will is actually green


This is the Hyundai Blue-Will, a ‘conceptual interpretation’ of the Korean manufacturer’s first hybrid car. The Blue-Will is part of the company’s Blue Drive initative, which also includes the Liquid Petroleum Elantra (apparently it’s 90 per cent less pollutive than regular gas), which goes on sale in July, and the second-gen hydrogen fuel cell electric city bus. Would riding that be enough of a reason to book a flight to Seoul? Best call the travel agent.

Evo EV-o RR motorbike goes fast, is green


The motor world is one of the keenest to emrbace a green lifestyle, but at the same time hesitant to leave its high speeds in the dust. Evo Design Solutions has, as its name implies, the answer to this car conundrum. It’s designed the EV-o RR, a mean, green, grand prix racing machine with zero emissions. The prototype can hit speeds above 150mph, and uses a monocoque frame that weighs less than 20kg. It’s expected to be race ready for the TTxGP zero emission grand prix in June.

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[via Wired]

Philips Master LED light is green


This is a green light bulb, but not in the sense that it shines green light. No, this is the first bulb to hit the mass market with an eco-friendly LED light source. It consumes just 7W, yet produces the equivalent light output as a 40W incandescent bulbs. It also has a lamp life of up to 45,000 hours – some 45 times longer than its its older brother bulb and 25 times longer than traditional halogen filled lights. Go environment!

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Mission One is a lean, green speed machine


You don’t have to strap yourself to a gas guzzling goliath to zip around the highways. With your cheeks planted firmly on the Mission One, you’ll be hitting top speeds over 240kph at no expense to Mother Earth. The plug-in bike from Mission Motors runs as quietly as Valentino Rossi in socks. But going green with the Mission One isn’t cheap; you’ll need a lot of green to afford the US$69,000 price tag. Just 50 first-edition bikes are being made.

[Via BoingBoing Gadgets]