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inFamous demo impressions


We recently got a chance to run through a hands-on demo of Sucker Punch‘s upcoming PS3 exclusive inFamous at the Playstation PR offices. inFamous is a sandbox 3rd person title a-la Grand Theft Auto that mixes superhero elements with a whole substation’s worth of electrically charged action. Although short, the demo showcased main protagonist (and bike messenger extraordinaire) Cole McGrath’s range of supercharged electricity based powers and fluid parkour prowess as we clambered about the post-apocalyptic Empire City zapping members of a hooded street gang known as the Reapers. Our play session culminated in Cole having to make a choice between sharing a rare food-drop with his fellow citizens or frying them to a crisp and keeping all the spoils to himself – either action affects your in-game karma rating (making Cole out as either a Thug or a Guardian) and ultimately shapes the outcome of the game. And because we are nothing but thorough here at Stuff we tried both and found a slight slant in favour of jolting unsuspecting starving folk in the name of fun and personal gain.

inFamous is set for release in the Middle East on the 29th of May 2009.

Get games for free


Money is tight in this time of economic uncertainty. You might have to scale back that gaming budget of yours, foregoing the latest titles for basic essentials (Xbox Live is not a basic essential). But just because your wallet’s empty doesn’t mean you can’t appease your gaming addiction. Free games in the past have had a bad rep. Flaky flash games and silly sites, which hold your attention for seconds rather than hours. But there are some jewels hidden among the gaming rough. The generous gamers over at ExtremeTech have listed their top 20. Here are our picks of the bunch.

Dad n’ Me – From the guys that brought you Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid this simple beat-em up is pure class

Savage 2 – RTS meets FPS in this wonderful mix of gameplay, good graphics and gore

Freeciv – Think Civilization but totally free and open source

Allegiance – 3D online multiplayer space sim that provides furious flying combat

F.E.A.R. Combat – Fantastic FPS action and stunning graphics, multiplayer don’t get much better

Enemy Territory – Still with a massive following, this team based shooter comes from the guys that brought you Wolfenstein

Grand Theft Auto – Needs no explaining. Download the first two volumes of this classic now