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HTC brings Android to Saudi Arabia


After a terribly long wait, it seems the Middle East is finally getting some Android-love. HTC will launch ‘the first Android-powered phone’ to Saudi customers later this month. We’re not sure what Samsung has to say about its ‘first Android’ claims, but we really don’t mind. Just keep ’em coming HTC.

The Android mobile in question will be the HTC Magic, available from STC in Saudi Arabia.

Full press release, after the jump.

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Samsung Android mobile hits the UAE (at last)


And here it is, the first Android mobile to be officially released in the region. Its been a long time coming, but a quick look at what Samsung’s got to offer and it seems worth the wait. The I7500 packs a 3.2in AMOLED touchscreen, 5MP camera with power LED flash, Wi-Fi, GPS and it runs Android, of course. Samsung seems pretty chuffed with itself, and we should have a model in our hands very soon. Step aside HTC, you had your chance.

At long last Google Apps leave beta behind


Gmail has been in beta for over five years, but today, along with Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk, it leaves all that behind. The ‘Beta’ tag will be removed from each of the product logos. The change seems to only affect the logos, not the applications themselves, in a bid to satisfy businesses working from the app suite. Well, that took long enough.

[via Google Blog]

Secret Samsung gets ‘unpacked’ later tonight

secret samsung

Samsung’s been teasing us all month about a secret mobile launch, complete with count down clock. But the wait is over. Tonight, the phone will be unveiled in three launch locations around the world, Dubai, Singapore and London. The mobile’s been kept under wraps, as far as we know, and the usual internet rumour murmers have been rather quiet on this one. Smart money is on the I7500, Samsung’s Android-running handset, or a new mobile running an updated version of Sammy’s TouchWiz OS. We’ll be at the event later tonight, more news when we have it.

I7500 is Samsung’s first Android mobile


With more in the pipeline, the I7500 is Samsung’s first handset to run Google’s Android operating system. Only 11.9mm thick (a tad thinner than the HTC Magic) its got a gorgeous 3.2in AMOLED screen and 5MP camera with LED flash. It packs 8GB of internal storage, with microSD support up to 32GB (that’s 40GB!), and works with HSDPA, Wi-Fi and GPS. It will be available in major European countries from June this year, and expect to shell out around US$400 for one.

[via Akihabara News]

Does Google have Facebook in its sights?


Google rolled out Profiles earlier today, an application full of online information (that includes pictures, comments and messages) that can be shared with friends or family. Should Facebook be worried? No, at least not just yet. Right now Google Profiles is more of an about page for your Gmail account. The scary neat thing, it’s going to be searchable through regular Google. As anyone who’s googled themselves (oh please, you all have) or others know, it’s sometimes tricky to find the person you’re looking for. This will change all that, just set up your account and whenever your name is searched, your smiling face will appear below.

HTC Magic available for pre-order now


The Google phone has arrived! Well, almost. The rumours of its delay were true, but Vodafone is giving you the chance to get your hands on one a few days earlier than its May 5th release. Through the magic of pre-order you can get one now for free, although you’ll be tied to a US$45 a month contract for 18 months. The bad news, it’s only available if you live in the UK. The good news, the Middle East has a thriving grey market. Keep an eye on souq.com.

Google to buy Twitter


Or are they? The internet is awash with unconfirmed rumours about whether the internet giant is on the verge of assimilating the micro-blogging site into the Googlesphere. TechCrunch has two sources reportedly close to the deal, who say Google will pay well over the US$250 million valuation. This comes after a six-month acquisition diet from Google, so we reckon it’s plenty hungry by now, and with nearly US$16 billion in cash and securities lying around, they can afford the social-networking feast of the century. We’re not sure if the two sites will play nice together, but we imagine a Twitter seach that lets you find out exactly what your friends ate for lunch last week.

‘What? Sam and Tony both ate a cheese sandwich last Tuesday? What a coincidence! My life is so much better now I know that!’

[via Times Online]

Google Suggest goes international


We use Google.com for our searches, so we’re used to the autofill in the search bar bringing us our most likely suggestions. That’s now gone international, so if you’re using Google.ae, you should find your Google searches just got a bit more helpful. Hopefully. Read the Google blog entry here.

Happy Birthday Gmail


Introduced on April 1st 2004, Google’s email service is now five. When it started, users were wowed by the offer of 1GB of free space (sites like Hotmail only gave us 250MB) and the exclusivity of having to be invited to join up. A slick interface and easy-to-use menu system has kept it a favourite since then, even it if is still a beta. The key behind Gmail’s success was the development of Ajax, a programming technique using JavaScript, that let portions of the page load seperately. That made loading lightning fast, a real plus in those days when not everyone had broadband. Thanks for five years of faithful service, Gmail, we’ll send you an e-card later. On second thoughts, if we send a Gmail email back to Gmail itself, then the internet has a very real chance of exploding. Trust us, don’t try it.

[Check out Wired for a great retrospective peice on our favorite web email]