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Razer Naga looks the part


To be called a ‘gaming peripheral’ keyboards and mice need to offer precision spec, and look the part too. Luckily for Razer and its insane design team, the Naga is spot on. Big mouse and logo? Check. Extra buttons? Check. LEDs that give everything a blue hue? Check. And it even packs a whopping 5,600dpi laser sensor with over 500cm per second max tracking speed. If you need to improve your game, or think it’s cheaper than buying a blue lamp for your desktop, it’s available now for US$80.

Xtensor turns n00bz to l33ts, maybe


This Xtensor is a gaming… peripheral? Aid? Glove? We’re not really sure, but it does claim to improve your fragging skills while keeping your paws healthy. Apparently, the ‘repetitive gripping and squeezing of your game-controller or mouse forces extended isometric contractions of the flexor muscles of the hands and fingers producing an unnatural imbalance over time.’ The Xtensor corrects this by stimulating muscles and tendons in your hands, wrists and elbows while stretching your fingers. We would like to see the medical study that provided authenticity for this product, but we do know one thing. It’s no Nintendo Power Glove.

[via Gizmodo]

Reality gaming: the next big thing?


What if we took casual gaming to the next level? That’s Charlie Brooker’s idea in today’s Guardian column.

The biggest growth area in videogames right now is the “casual gaming” market. For “casual”, read “mainstream”. Effectively, this means games the average human being can relate to: anyone who’s lived in a house can grasp what The Sims is, for instance; anyone who’s played tennis knows how to swing a Nintendo Wii remote. Grand Theft Auto might not look like a casual game, but it certainly appeals to a wide demographic, namely anyone who’s ever fantasised about going berserk in a city (ie 98% of the population).

He goes on to suggest games such as Super Squabble Champ IV and Boundless Libertine Plus. Well worth a read.

Emirates lounge to become Xbox 360 fragzone


Actually, the big news is that the UAE is getting its first Microsoft Surface, but the idea of a load of suits running amok in the Xbox 360 corner of Dubai Airport’s Terminal 3 Emirates Business Lounge is too precious. The new ‘e-zone’ is to get gaming stations, a custom-made racing simulator (from Xbox 360) and Microsoft’s Surface – that touch-sensitive computer that lifestyle photography models from the 1970s are so keen on (watch the promo videos). All that launches on March 10, and Stuff will be checking it out sometime in April if we don’t make it to the launch event (which we probably will, just to see if we can break the Surface).

UPDATE: Hands-on action with MS Surface at the airport here.

Sony Lilac PSP is lazy marketing


Remember when Sony discovered a fondness for colouring in its PSPs. Apparently, the company is bored of primary colours now, so it’s giving us the Lilac PSP. Do they really think this will make us rush out and buy a handheld gaming device if we haven’t already? And what’s next? Beige? Fuchsia? Ochre? Mustard? Cherry Blossom?

[via PSP World]

Microsoft unveils red Xbox 360


If you’ve clicked onto a gaming website in the past few weeks, chances are you’ve spotted the rosy rumours regarding Microsoft’s next-gen console. Today it was officially announced. The Elite console will come bundled with a Resident Evil theme, a copy of Street Fighter HD and Resident Evil 5. It will cost US$399 in the States, but there’s been no talk of it hitting our region anytime soon.

Still want to impress your mates? We recommend grabbing a can of spray paint and shading it a nice Stuff red. Job done.

[via EDGE]

The Wii gets classic Super Famicom controller


The Wii is great if you like swinging your arms about wildly while hopping up and down on a white plastic board. But Nintendo controllers didn’t always require you throw your whole body around. With arcade classics now freely available for download, Nintendo has released its Super Famicom (aka SNES) controller made to the exact 1990 specifications for US$75. This is the coolest Wii accessory yet, and we can’t wait to get stuck into Super Mario World. Again.