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Razer Naga looks the part


To be called a ‘gaming peripheral’ keyboards and mice need to offer precision spec, and look the part too. Luckily for Razer and its insane design team, the Naga is spot on. Big mouse and logo? Check. Extra buttons? Check. LEDs that give everything a blue hue? Check. And it even packs a whopping 5,600dpi laser sensor with over 500cm per second max tracking speed. If you need to improve your game, or think it’s cheaper than buying a blue lamp for your desktop, it’s available now for US$80.

Peggle gets World of Warcraft treatment


Now a game within a game, Peggle is available for World of Warcraft. Players can stave away in-game boredom with a spot of head-to-head peg-smashing, or single player sessions during the long commute to Stormwind City. A slew of special features and quirky WOW-only highlights (like talent points) will make an appearance, and it’s totally free to download and play.

[via Kotaku]

Monsters vs Aliens Wii game better than film

That’s Wired’s verdict, but we really just want to see how much traffic we generate every time we use the word ‘alien’ in a post. Perhaps some of you xenophiles can help us out with this. Why, alien-lovers, why?

Halo Wars midnight launch


You read the glowing review in this month’s issue of Stuff, which prompted you to download the demo on Xbox Live and now finally you can line up outside the Virgin Megastore at the Mall of the Emirates with scores of other UNSC faithful for the midnight launch of the hotly-anticipated Halo RTS spin-off on Friday 27th Feb (that’s just after the clock strikes midnight on Thursday, kids).

Head over to MEGamers to register for free Halo goodies with your purchase as well as the chance to win an Xbox 360. Although we hope that you already own one if you’re going to be lining up at all hours of the night to buy this 360-only title.

The Wii gets classic Super Famicom controller


The Wii is great if you like swinging your arms about wildly while hopping up and down on a white plastic board. But Nintendo controllers didn’t always require you throw your whole body around. With arcade classics now freely available for download, Nintendo has released its Super Famicom (aka SNES) controller made to the exact 1990 specifications for US$75. This is the coolest Wii accessory yet, and we can’t wait to get stuck into Super Mario World. Again.

Street Fighter IV coming soon


Dragon punching its way into the next generation, Capcom’s Street Fighter IV will be out (officially) this Friday. Sequel numbers aside, it’s meant to follow arcade friendly SF2 with its classic 2D six-button gameplay, but this time features 3D environments and characters. The game boasts new special moves and crazy ultra-combos. How about we choose someone other than Ryu this time around?