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HTC Magic Android Google phone hands-on


Rubbish name, but Vodafone, HTC and Google have got most of it right. The just-announced G2 (though the manufacturer is adamant that we call it the Vodafone Magic) is a sweet piece of smartphone. We´ve just come back from fondling its 3.2in HVGA capacative touchscreen (with genius text input; there´s no keyboard) and we are officially impressed. The digital compass and G-sensor enabled Street View roaming has to be seen to be believed, though we´re a bit put out that we´re back in proprietary headphone territory (no 3.5mm jack socket). Apart from that, it´s running the latest version of Android, which is smoother and smarter than the version running on the G1. Look and feel are amazing, and it will be available immediately for pre-order in black or white (depending on territory, around €99 to €199 with data plan) in Europe. Italy´s going non-exclusive with it, so we should see grey market handsets soon. More details in the next issue of Stuff, out on March 1.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention the camera – bog standard 3.2MP job with no flash; our pics didn´t look great – and the screen, which looks great streaming video from YouTube. Connectivity: HSDPA and Wi-Fi. Don´t say we never tell you anything.

Day of the Android at MWC?


There was a dearth of Android news at MWC yesterday, but things are hotting up. First, we´ve just come from the Nvidia stand, where they´re showcasing prototypes (like the one pictured) running Tegra, an Android platform with 1080p support, multiple video capabilities and the ability to dual-boot with WinMo. No market devices yet, but this is heading for MIDs and netbooks over the coming year and Nvidia claims boosted battery life to the tune of two or three days. When pushed about the manufacturers expected to launch with the hardware, we were told, ´It´s pretty much who you´d expect.´ Secondly, we´re off to a Vodafone conference this afternoon where the operator is announcing ´a new mobile internet smartphone´… HTC is involved, too… we smell Android blood. Watch this space in a couple of hours.

iPhone 3.0 coming to the UAE in June?


You’d think we’d be done with iPhone rumours for the week, but we’re not finished yet. Nope, a rumour from an article in Business 27/7 has gone international after being picked up by Shufflegazine and fed on to Gizmodo and Engadget, among others. The business daily suggested that a new iPhone is coming in June. We hope they’re right about that – it might make up for the lack of offerings at January’s Macworld keynote – and we’ve no reason not to believe that Apple has some new product in the offing. But we question the reliability of a source which last week suggested Barack Obama had sold his BlackBerry-loving soul for cash. The page has since been taken down, but you can find an archive copy here. Check out the screengrab above for a taste. Oops.

Future convergence: netbook and mobile


Convergence has become a bit of an old-fashioned term. But just because there’s barely a phone left without a camera on it doesn’t mean convergence has run its course. With smartphones more and more capable of performing the tasks we used to demand of our computers, and netbooks expected to dominate laptop sales again this year, the future of convergence looks bright. We’re expecting to see more laptops packing 3G connectivity and being sold – or even given away – on contract plans (just like mobiles). We’ve seen the Android operating system running on PCs, and how long can it be before Windows 7 is running on a smartphone? Convergence lives on. But, please, let’s find a nicer name for it.

Pomegranate: the ultimate smartphone?


‘It’s the ultimate in mobile coffee-making!’ Plus the Pomegranate NS08 has GPS, HD pico projector, electric shaver and a blues harp built in. Just how bad can things be if people still have the time to make spoof websites like this? Available now in Nova Scotia… allegedly.

Stuff goes to Mobile World Congress


With CES barely behind us, it’s nearly time to pack our overnight bags again and jet off to Barcelona for this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress from February 16 to 19. We’re boarding the good ship Nokia for this year’s trip, though our secret intention is to finger, fondle and frolic with as many Android prototypes as possible. Move aside T-Mobile G1, the floodgates are about to open… watch this blog for googlephone updates.

Batteries included: SanDisk’s slotRadio


SanDisk’s slotRadio – unveiled at this year’s CES – has had a hard time from bloggers. But isn’t it just being honest about the way we pick our music? In this week’s 7DAYS column, Batteries included, we make a case for the little rogue.

Read the column here.

[Batteries included appears in 7DAYS every Wednesday]

Lego gadgets in name only


Lego is cool. Fact. As are gadgets. Having already made the leap to robots via NXT Mindstorms, Lego is bricking up some digicams and walkie-talkies. Great, but there’s a catch – you can’t build them and you (probably) can’t put them back together if you smash them. Which begs the question: why claim they’re Lego at all? Was Fisher-Price busy?

Samsung looks to DSLR

Samsung GX10Our CES trip to Las Vegas wasn’t all about gambling away our tech fund. There was real work too. We sat down with vice president of camera/camcorders for Samsung, Mr SB Kim, in a dark corner of the show floor. Obviously impressed by our interview prowess, Mr Kim let slide that Samsung is looking to get back into the entry-level DSLR market late this year (some might remember its ill fated GX-10 from two years back, pictured). The electronics giant has impressed with its point-and-shoots so far, so we think the Koreans have a shot at something special.

Archos for sale


We’ve always loved Archos PMPs, but there were so many paid-for extras that were kind of essential on the path to maximum potential. If that’s what’s been holding you back, check out the deals currently available from Sounds ME (although we don’t think they’re available on the site yet). For Dhs1,899, you’ll get a 160GB 705 WiFi with both web browser and web TV/radio plug-ins, plus the DVR station. Visit their store in Bur Dubai or contact them via their site for details.