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EA slash prices on top tier titles


In what can only accurately be described as an “awesome” move (yes, we tried to go for another adjective but this seemed the most apt) for fans of electronic gaming the folks at EA have gone and shaved off some serious gold coins from the RRP of a slew of last years triple A titles.

Among the games getting the credit crunch treatment are Battlefield: Bad Company, Facebreaker, FIFA 09, Mass Effect, Mercenaries 2, Mirror’s Edge, NASCAR 09, Need For Speed Undercover & The Simpsons. PS3 & Xbox 360 versions of the aforementioned titles will set you back no more than AED119, PSP & Wii have dropped to AED99 and Nintendo DS & PS2 versions are only a cool AED69.

Definitely a good time to catch up on anything you may have missed during the Huge Christmas Games Rush of ’08.

McEnroe heads up EA’s Grand Slam Tennis (seriously)


‘You cannot be serious!’ That’s the soundbite we all want to hear in EA’s forthcoming Grand Slam Tennis, featuring Centre Court legend and tantrum maestro John McEnroe. As famous for his raquet-hurling mid-match hissy fits as his powerful forehand, this could be the stress-busting antidote to all your credit crunch woes. Wii Tennis ceases to matter on June 16, when GST is released. Game details here.