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Sony PSP to get digital reader (and comics)


Apart from that big little anouncement about the PS3 slim yesterday, Sony pulled something else out of the bag that we weren’t expecting. The PSP is getting a digital reader. The service is available for both the PSP-3000 and PSP Go, giving users access to a whole host of media. It’s due to launch in December with digital comics (Marvel is a big partner). We’re looking forward to giving this a go, but what do you think? Does the PSP’s diminutive screen have what it takes?

[via Stuff.tv]


Borders jumps aboard Sony’s e-bandwagon

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Amazon has made a killing with its Kindle e-reader and also killed our chances of ever getting one, only releasing it stateside. But now hope of an e-reader revolution comes in another form, the Sony Digital Reader and Borders bookshop partnership. Sony Reader owners just need to get on the Borders website, download the eBook library application and have access to thousands of eBooks from anywhere in the world. That’s the distribution out the way, now there’s no excuse to not release Readers in the region (in theory). There is still no official word from Sony on this, but we’ll keep you updated.