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PC rules the gaming roost (again)


We already knew the PC was best for multiplayer gaming, but it’s also the most lucrative in sales. A report comissioned by the PC Gaming Alliance (alright, that report could be slightly biased) claims PC gaming made over US$11 billion in 2008, more than any handheld or home console. How much of that is credited to the mass of WoW players? According to the report, Acti-Blizzard’s MMO generated over US$1 billion last year. Gold farmers must be doing well for themselves, then.

[via Edge]

Top Five: case mods

Not everyone is happy with the mundane appearance of their gaming consoles, so there are always a few looking for different ways to transform them into bizarre shapes and sizes. From PCs to Nintendo Wiis, take a look at some of the most interesting, or just plain weird, case mods out there:

#5 Xbox 360 tissue dispenser/alarm clock

A tissue dispenser and an alarm clock in an Xbox 360, what more could you ask for?

#4 Hello Kitty laptop


For all you die-hard fans Hello Kitty (and the girls here)


#3 Rockstar Games Wii

Stunning mod for the Wii. Shame it won’t handle the graphics on GTA IV.

#2 Rainbow Six-themed PS3

An awesome, detailed design of the Vegas scene, disguising the PS3 as a casino.

#1 R2D2 PC

Cleverly-designed case mod for the PC. Probably cleverer than the original R2.

[Post written by Stuff intern Haziq Ariffin]

Alien vs Predator back to gaming


We spent many an hour playing Alien vs Predator 2, lights on, doors locked and our pants securely fastened so they couldn’t be scared off us. Two disappointing films later, and we’re excited to learn the AVP franchise will be moving back into gaming. Announced for early next year, the game’s being developed by Rebellion, the guys who brought us the original interspecies death match in 1999. Details are sketchy, but we do know that if it’s anything like as good as the originals, we’ll need to find a tighter belt.