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Lenovo U350 confirms thin is definitely in


In the last two days, we’ve seen HP and Acer announce all new ultra-thin low-cost laptops. And not to be left out of the slimming competition, Lenovo has just come out with its U350. The 13.3in laptop will sit firmly between the US$700 to US$800 price range, but is less than an inch thick. It comes with Windows Vista, can cram up to 8GB of RAM into its skinny shell and will be available with an SSD option too. So who do you think will be next to oust an ultra-slim? LG? Samsung? BenQ?

Lian Li Burj al Arab desktop PC case

We haven’t words to describe how we feel about this. Luckily, Engadget does… and even a full gallery of pics. How far away can Jumeirah’s lawyers be from this one?

SheevaPlug is a wall plug PC


The SheevaPlug is a full blown Linux PC crammed into a wall plug. Not impressed? Inside you’ll find a tightly packed 1.2GHz processor, 512MB RAM and 512MB of flash memory. Still not impressed? Plug it into a wall socket and you’ve got a fully functionally Linux server capable of storing digital media, and streaming it over Wi-Fi or remotely using the web. It’ll be available for US$99 from Marvell with prices expecting to dip below the US$50 mark in the future.

[via Gizmodo]

Shuttle XP07 rumoured for 2009

station07Piling through the stacks of highly classified CES reports, our keen eyes spotted a diamond in the gadget rough. Hidden within the Shuttle computer range is this, a mystery concept product that looks very much like a PSP. The XP07, catchily dubbed the Station 7, could appear later this year. The  slim black portable is designed to act as a remote for digital media and home entertainment, and even play simple games. It’s rumoured to have a 7in touchscreen and – if this mock-up is to be believed – run Firefox and have GPS capabilities. That’s enough to get our palms sweating in anticipation.