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GiiNii Movit Mini comes out for Halloween


Remember this? We first spotted the Android-powered 4.3in internet tablet at CES last January, and a release date has just been confirmed. Pre-orders will be available over the summer, with products being shipped starting October this year. It’s too early to talk prices, but if the gadgetland rumour is to be believed, it’s going to be cheaper than an iPod touch.

[via Gayakuman]

Batteries included: SanDisk’s slotRadio


SanDisk’s slotRadio – unveiled at this year’s CES – has had a hard time from bloggers. But isn’t it just being honest about the way we pick our music? In this week’s 7DAYS column, Batteries included, we make a case for the little rogue.

Read the column here.

[Batteries included appears in 7DAYS every Wednesday]

Paro warms our hearts, empties our wallets

Meet Paro. He’s a robot dressed as an adorable baby harp seal. Invented for those who love animals, but hate pets, Paro imitates animal behavior with none of the downsides (growing, feeding, pooping, etc). He responds to light, sound, temperature, touch, posture, and even develops his own character over time. He’s an expensive seal pup at US$3,500, but the bond between synthetic animal and human is priceless. Stroke his belly and he’ll roll over squealing in delight. Tickle his nose, and he’ll let loose a little seal sneeze. Wonder how Paro would react if we pulled out a club?

Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick


Hot off the CES show floor, the entrepreneurial folks at Mad Catz showed off their upcoming plastic gaming add-ons  for 2009, including this particular beauty – The Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick. Available from February for both the PS3 & Xbox 360, it sports eight mash-happy buttons, complete with dual-speed turbo functionality and neat-o LED indicators, all with an aim towards providing both arcade cabinet authenticiy and the ability to completely pummel your controller wielding buddies into the cold, haduken-scorched ground.

Sony G3 web camera


Over the weekend, Sony CEO Howard Stringer presented his vision of the future at CES.  And here it is (okay, not all of it, but the bit you’re most likely to see in a shop before 2009 shuts the door). It’s the Cybershot G3… a digital camera (yawn) with Wi-Fi (more yawn) and an internet browser (eh?). Apparently 2009 is about sending your pictures into the cloud from where they were taken – pending a hotspot in that safari park, of course – then downloading them to your TV (or something). Is this what passes for fun during a recession?

CES weekend round-up

Okay – so we took the weekend off CES Watch in expectation of a brimming basket of gadget shininess come Sunday morning. As if to prove that the first morning of the working week is good for nothing, the show seems to have thrown up relatively little that’s genuinely worth shouting about. After a good start (see previous posts), a mid-show lull seems to be under way. Let’s hope it can finish with a bang… here’s the cool stuff from the weekend.

stuff_palmprePalm Pre
We knew they were up to something, and here it is. Whether Palm’s new multi-touch number, with slide-out QWERTY thumboard and 3G, can cut it in a post-iPhone world (or the company’s new webOS can cut it in a post-Android world) remains to be seen. Kudos to the PDA stalwart, though, for packing it with wireless recharging – a laudable first.

stuff_polaroidpogoPolaroid PoGo instant camera
Last year, we saw the original PoGo (pictured) launch at CES. In fact, Stuff Middle East was one of the first magazines on the planet to feature the dinky inkless photo printer. And it was only a question of time before the company went back to its roots and bundled the tech into the back of a digital instant camera. We’re still waiting to see any PoGo action in the wild, though. Is it really going to take off? And where’s ours?

Pentax K2000
White gadgets? Whoa! Aren’t we over the alabaster iPod finish? It was new once, but it’s hackneyed now. We’ve had white TVs, PMPs, phones, laptops, digicams and consoles. Curiously, though, we’ve never seen a white DSLR – until now. And Pentax’s K2000 looks great. How did nobody think of this before?

Anyone can play guitar


It’s not the first bit of CES madness we’ve seen, but ezGear says its new Rock Guitar simulates a real guitar with a six string multi-touch fretboard interface and compatibility with Guitar Hero 2 and Rock Band: World Tour? Trouble is, even if we did believe them, why wouldn’t we just fork out our US$150 on a real guitar? It’s not like this thing is exactly a chick magnet. [via Engadget, which posted this product at 2am – guys, there is more to Las Vegas than CES at this time of night]