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Canon EOS 7D gets officially slobbered over


Semi-pro photographers rejoice! Canon’s EOS 7D is very official, and looks very tasty indeed. With dual DIGIC processors for 8fps shooting, an 18MP sensor, full 1080p video capabilities, all-new 19-point focus system, built-in electronic level (for perfectly framed shots) and 3in LCD screen, its got so many more functions that we’ve lost count. We did hold onto the price though, and when it hits the region (sometime early November) it’ll cost around the US$1,700 mark.

Check out Canon’s colourful SD1200 IS


There’s no greater style faux pas than having a camera that doesn’t match your shoes. How embarrassing! So Canon has released its newest SD1200 range in a bevy of beautiful shades. The ¬†snappers take 10MP pics with 3x optical zoom, pack digital image stabilization, and have smile and blink detection as standard. Because most point-and-shoots on the market have similar specs Canon focused on the camera’s ergonomics. The result, a superbly strokeable shell that fits lovingly in your palm. Look for them in May when they’ll be available for around US$230.