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Samsung looks to DSLR

Samsung GX10Our CES trip to Las Vegas wasn’t all about gambling away our tech fund. There was real work too. We sat down with vice president of camera/camcorders for Samsung, Mr SB Kim, in a dark corner of the show floor. Obviously impressed by our interview prowess, Mr Kim let slide that Samsung is looking to get back into the entry-level DSLR market late this year (some might remember its ill fated GX-10 from two years back, pictured). The electronics giant has impressed with its point-and-shoots so far, so we think the Koreans have a shot at something special.

Sony G3 web camera


Over the weekend, Sony CEO Howard Stringer presented his vision of the future at CES.  And here it is (okay, not all of it, but the bit you’re most likely to see in a shop before 2009 shuts the door). It’s the Cybershot G3… a digital camera (yawn) with Wi-Fi (more yawn) and an internet browser (eh?). Apparently 2009 is about sending your pictures into the cloud from where they were taken – pending a hotspot in that safari park, of course – then downloading them to your TV (or something). Is this what passes for fun during a recession?