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Apple iPhone 3GS (the ‘S’ stands for speedy)


A new iPhone was spotted last night, and while the body has stayed very much the same, its guts received a much needed overhaul. Apple has thrown a faster processor and twice the RAM into the 3GS, with a 3MP autofocus camera, better battery life and voice controls. iPhone OS 3.0 will come pre-installed, giving you a digital compass, copy and paste functions and a neat Find My iPhone application. It will come in 16GB and 32GB capacities, in the familiar black and white, and be priced US$200 and US$300 respectively. Out in the UAE  this August.

The White Stripes likes lomography?


Apparently so. Alternative punk band The White Stripes have teamed up with the Vienna-based Lomography Society to create two lomo cams. Based on the famous Diana and Holga models (cheap and very cheerful), the blurry and distorted shots create lovely cinematic ‘arty’ photos. Getting a red paint job, these two come with peppermint filters and fisheye lenses. Named after the Detroit duo, only 3,000 Jack and Meg cameras were made so expect a price hike. You can find them here.

Interested in lomography? Check out next month’s issue of Stuff for the lomo lowdown.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]

Superheadz is half-snap happy camera


For those of you who can’t remember what proper film looks like, it sat in little plastic tubes, came in 35mm-wide strips and went into cameras like this one. Well not this one exactly, as this Superheadz Golden Half cam has a modern twist up its retro sleeves. It allows you to take your 3×5 shots and turn them into two seperate 3×2.5-inch frames. That means instead of the regular 36 exposures per roll, you get 72 instead. The pics will only be small, but that doesn’t stop you from converting them to digital and working a little Photoshop magic, does it? The classic cam also has two shutter speeds and hot shoe. That’s not bad for the recommended US$55.

[via Gayakuman]

iPhone’s 2MP cam not so bad [Thanks, Photoshop]


So, one of our major beefs with the iPhone was the underwhelming 2MP flashless camera. Who could take great snaps with that? As it turns out, quite a few people. See for yourself at Photocritic, which has collected 100 iPhone photos with arty aspirations. Some of them even succeed. Worth checking out. Think you’ve taken better with your camphone? Send us the proof and – if we agree – we might post it.

[via Gizmodo]

Check out Canon’s colourful SD1200 IS


There’s no greater style faux pas than having a camera that doesn’t match your shoes. How embarrassing! So Canon has released its newest SD1200 range in a bevy of beautiful shades. The  snappers take 10MP pics with 3x optical zoom, pack digital image stabilization, and have smile and blink detection as standard. Because most point-and-shoots on the market have similar specs Canon focused on the camera’s ergonomics. The result, a superbly strokeable shell that fits lovingly in your palm. Look for them in May when they’ll be available for around US$230.

What is the Samsung Memoir?


We’re not sure what this is. Is it a cameraphone or a phonecamera? Let’s look at the (ambiguous) facts. It has an 8MP camera, 16x digital zoom and Xenon flash. It also features five dedicated shooting modes, like most cameras. But it has a touchscreen with virtual QWERTY keypad, music and video player, Bluetooth, GPS, and 3G connectivity, just like many phones do. So is it a phone? Is it a camera? Or is it the perfect image of pocketable convergence? We don’t care – we love it anyway.