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Jabra stone skips its way into Dubai


Stuff’s position on Bluetooth headphones is well documented – if you’re not in the car, get it out of your ear hole – but the Jabra Stone is the first wireless headset that might tempt us from common sense. The Stone’s curvaceous body is so comfy, it feels like it’s making love to the back of your ear, and when it’s not loving your lugholes, it sits snugly within the included charger creating one uniformed rock-like shape. It includes Noise Blackout Extreme technology that uses dual mics to reduce background noise, soft rubber pads and touch volume controls. They’re being rolled into stores as we speak, yours for US$135 (Dhs499).

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Brand new Philips MP3 and MP4 players


Just in case you’ve been living under a rock this month (or worse, haven’t got the July issue of Stuff), Philip’s latest GoGear line-up is worth having a look at. There are five players in total, all with Philips trademark FullSound technology that enhances tunes with fuller base, instrument clarity and depth. It’s a pretty decent range, from high-end Opus with 2.8in LCD and 16GB of storage to fashionable Luxe with Bluetooth and FM radio. and all are available right now. Check out more details, here.

Tour is the best BlackBerry yet

BB-equationThe BlackBerry Bold packs one of the best QWERTY keypads around, but it’s rather bulky. Now the BlackBerry Curve corrects this weight issue with a body slim enough to make Kate Moss blush, but it’s far less pokeable (than the Bold, not the supermodel). It didn’t take long for some bright-spark at RIM, to put two and two together, and release a handset with the best of both. Enter the BlackBerry Tour. Aside from the ace keypad, it comes with a 480×360 screen, Bluetooth, MicroSD slot, and 3.2MP autofocus camera. Looks like a Bold in Curve’s clothing.

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Forget the PSP phone – here’s the PSP Go


Who needs a PlayStation phone, eh? The new PSP Go will have a 3.8in screen, be 43 per cent lighter than the PSP-3000, have 16GB memory, Bluetooth support and will lose its UMD drive. Direct download games will be announced at E3, and you’ll be able to rent or buy games straight from the PlayStation Network. We’ll have more on the portable player in the next few days, when we get a hands on.

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Asus SeaShell is chic and cheerful


Netbooks have built their reputation on being cheap and cheerful, leaving the sleeker and more slimline to battle it out at higher price points. But Asus is looking to change all that with the SeaShell. It measures just 2.5cm at its thickest point, but still squeezes a 10.1in screen and almost full-sized keyboard beneath its svelte shell. Underneath the glossy finish lies the true guts of a netbook, packing an Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Nokia Bluetooth headphones are ear and eye candy


The results of Nokia’s recent headphone design competition are in. They asked for headsets inspired by a certain song (can you guess the inspiration behind the ones above?). The contest received over 8,000 ideas, but only a handful were turned into the real deal. These are just working concepts for now, but it does say a lot about customised gadgetry. If we can get iPods laser engraved and build our own Puma shoes, why not dance with cool individual headphones? More pictures of the winners here. Oh, and the inspiration behind the pair above was R. Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly.

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Paul Frank’s monkey mobile phone


While all phone savy eyes are firmly planted on Mobile World Congress at the moment, we decided to look at some other ‘innovative’ handsets. This spectacular phone is from primate loving Paul Frank. Shaped after its mascot, Julius, the clamshell phone has a 1.6in colour screen, microSD slot, FM radio and Bluetooth stereo speakers. It even has a 1.3MP camera hidden in the monkey’s eye.

If you thought an iPhone would get you noticed, think again…

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