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Casio Exilim EX-G1 toughcam

This snapper’s biggest selling point: it looks like something Batman would strap to his utility belt. The EX-G1 is a 12MP pocket-friendly camera, that’s waterproof down to 3m or submersed for up to 60min. It can handle temperatures down to -10 degrees, and will survive drops of 2m. Other features include a 16:9 movie mode, microSD storage and a 3x optical zoom. Definitely worth getting for your next spelunking trip.

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Etihad Holidays hearts Batman (and Bugs Bunny)


It’s like the beginning of a bad joke: two Etihad flight attendants, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Pie and Batman go on holiday together…

This, however, is no joke – that really is the line-up for Etihad Holidays Abu Dhabi pic-op promotion for its new flights to Australia. Batman’s credibility hasn’t been this low since Batman and Robin. Christopher Nolan’s work on The Dark Knight is crushed at a stroke. No wonder the caped one looks so tetchy.

Thursday video fun


We’re having trouble uploading video to the blog at the moment (possibly owing to our restrictive IT policies), so here are a couple of links that lead to some good, clean video fun:

Here’s The Onion speculating about whether video games are doing enough to prepare children for the apocalypse.

And here’s Funny or Die on superhero personal liability claims. Pictured above is the cheque The Joker receives after a slip at work lands him in a vat of bubbling chemicals: ‘The accident left me hideously disfigured and criminally insane – and I couldn’t work for six months.’ Next up, Peter Parker: ‘It was during a school trip…’ You get the picture.