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Jolie palms the Pre


Call it rumour, speculation, or just an excuse to put up pictures of Angelina Jolie, but the Tomb Raider star has supposedly gotten her sexy hands on the Palm Pre. Apparently she likes the software, but doesn’t think much of the scratch-friendly screen. How interesting. Check out the full story (and another gratuitous rendered pic) here.

[via CrunchGear]

Girl gamers dominate the PC


Nielson media analysis group has released a new report that says females between the 25-54 age bracket account for around 29 per cent of all PC game players. Males in the same category only amounted to 20 per cent. Installing usage-traffic software onto over 180,000 computers, Nielson tracked how frequently participants played games and what games they were playing. Many of the games played were pre-loaded Microsoft games, with popular office timewaster Solitair being the most popular on the PC. We love the idea of girls getting their game on, but come on girls, put the cards down and start fragging with the big boys.