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HTC Magic available for pre-order now


The Google phone has arrived! Well, almost. The rumours of its delay were true, but Vodafone is giving you the chance to get your hands on one a few days earlier than its May 5th release. Through the magic of pre-order you can get one now for free, although you’ll be tied to a US$45 a month contract for 18 months. The bad news, it’s only available if you live in the UK. The good news, the Middle East has a thriving grey market. Keep an eye on souq.com.

GiiNii Movit Mini comes out for Halloween


Remember this? We first spotted the Android-powered 4.3in internet tablet at CES last January, and a release date has just been confirmed. Pre-orders will be available over the summer, with products being shipped starting October this year. It’s too early to talk prices, but if the gadgetland rumour is to be believed, it’s going to be cheaper than an iPod touch.

[via Gayakuman]

Two ‘special’ products from du


A mysterious invite appeared in the Stuff mailbag yesterday. Du says it is launching two ‘special’ and ‘new’ products on Sunday. What are they? ‘Black is a mysterious colour,’ says the UAE telecoms company. We’re going to be pretty disappointed if it’s not an iPhone or BlackBerry (with prices to duke it up with Etisalat’s tariffs). Course, if it’s the T-Mobile G1, we’re going to be ecstatic. G2? Now we’re dreaming.

Vodafone Magic (aka Android G2) delayed


According to Talk Android, Vodafone won’t release the Magic (aka Android G2) until May 1, later than the vague ‘sometime in April’ launch the big V was heading for. Yet the company’s site still maintains that the HTC-made phone is ‘arriving in April’. And Stuff – which has signed up for updates – is yet to hear any word on the new date. Fingers crossed, the rumours are wrong, but we can’t help feeling that Voda should have given us a date by now if it is launching this month. More as we hear it…

UPDATE: Voda’s site still says this:stuff_g2update

WiMAX cometh with Samsung Mondi SWD-M100


We thought the first quality mobile internet device (MID) would come from the likes of Nvidia, but it seems Samsung has beaten them all to the punch. The Mondi claims to be the first handheld WiMAX device stateside, with full QWERTY, D-pad and rather large-looking screen. The juicy details haven’t surfaced yet (the information came from a Samsung RSS feed) but here’s hoping it’ll come touting Android. More info as and when it gets released.

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Poll: best phone operating system


Fingers on buzzers, folks – it’s time to speak up about mobile phone operating systems. With this morning’s iPhone 3.0 OS announcement, the forthcoming release of Android handsets in the Middle East, WinMo’s slick new 6.5 incarnation in the offing and the global launch of the Palm Pre just months away, which mobile OS is getting your juices flowing. Vote here.

[Poll originally hosted at Gizmodo]

HTC Android mobiles to land this year


We recently caught up with Kevin Chen, general manager of HTC Middle East, Africa and CIS, to grill him over the lack of Android handsets in the region. While he wouldn’t comment on specifics, he did concede that the G1 was coming to the Middle East sometime in Q3 this year. It’s still too early to talk prices, but Mr Chen did admit HTC would be talking to a service provider about distribution and data plan subscription deals (much like Etisalat’s iPhone deals). This comes just after HTC CEO Peter Chou told attendees at a press conference in Taipei that it expects three new Android phones in 2009. We already know about the Magic, but what about the other two? We’ll keep our ears to the ground.